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Sunday, January 7, 2007

Bones: Judas on a Pole

I'm always a few weeks behind in watching my favorite TV shows. This episode aired on December 13 and was directed by David Duchovny (Fox Mulder from the X Files - still one of my all time favorite shows).

The title: Judas on a Pole is an allusion to Judas Iscariot, one of the 12 Apostle's of Jesus as portrayed in the Catholic and Christian religions, among others. He is the one who betrays Jesus, signifying the "betrayers" in this episode that burn on the pole.

Overview: Booth and Brennan are called to the scene where a man's body was found gutted, burned and hung like a scarecrow on the roof of a Federal Building. Booth determines the victim was a snitch working in a organized crime syndicate.

Brennan's brother, Russ, informs her of a phone call he received from their father, warning him that they are both in danger. Soon after a priest contacts Brennan telling her that her father insists on she and Booth to drop their case.

They determine that the body found was actually an ex-FBI agent, who was tracking Russ to kill him. Hence giving reason to Brennan's father's warnings. The deeper they get into their case the more they learn and finally make a shocking discovery that can cause serious repercussions for Booth and his career.

Zack must defend his dissertation to obtain his doctorate, asking help from a fellow colleague.

Pam's Review: David Duchovny (as expected) has crafted an amazing episode of Bones. One of the most memorable and moving episodes of the series, up there with 'aliens in a spaceship', 'two bodies in the lab' & 'the woman in limbo'.

What more could you ask for? The return of Brennan's family mystery and her brother, the confirmation that something is surfacing between Brennan & Booth (from the looks of it, its going to come to a climax sometime this season), as well as a whopper of a case for the team, which becomes very personal for Brennan.

The filming and editing in this episode caught my attention from the first second and I couldn't take my eyes off of the screen. David Duchovny, from all his brilliant work with the X-Files over those 8 or so long years, has developed an incredible eye for angles and amazing skill in putting together a cohesive and stunning episodic storyline. Or I could just say he's great at what he does. The 2nd season has been very consistent thus far, and is very close to surpassing the intrigue of the 1st.

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Zanzibarz said...

Great Judas on a Pole summary!
I caught this episode of Bones, since I'm a fan of Duchovny's work. This episode was so good that I've started to watch more Bones episodes. The partnership is very reminiscent of the X-Files--equal, respectful, and with just enough sexual tension to make it addictive to watch.
I can't wait to really get to know these two characters. Now I know what everybody's been talking about.
BTW: Mr. Earnhardt is a lovely, handsome cat. His owner must love him very much.