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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mr. Monk and the Leper

Plot: Monk becomes involved in a murder plot when a reclusive millionnaire suffering from leprosy hires him to solve a mystery.

First Aired: December 22, 2006
Notes: On it's original airing, this episode was presented first in black & white and then in color. USA Network then held an on-line poll for viewers to indicate which version they preferred, but I can't seem to find which episode was preferred on the USA Network website.

Pam's Review: Though a few weeks late, as an avid Monk fan, the black & white, film noir-ish version was outstanding.

The hysteria displayed by Monk after he learned that he shook hands with the "fake Leper", priceless! Putting kerosene on himself, and asking Natalie to burn it was oh-so funny. Also, his attempt to cover the phone that Natalie received the "Leper's" call was a nice touch. But, it showed some real courage for the detective to accept the deal.
However, I must say that my favorite part of the episode was Randy Disher's old, acne-filled photos hung on the docter's wall, was hilarious, and his claim that it was all part of an undercover job, too good.

Skipping some plot sequences here and there, another excellent scene was when Adrian's "skills" were put to the test by the judge. By figuring out that the judge was sleeping with his typist, our flawed, but awesome detective proved that you should never doubt him.

The plot between who was the real leper, Monk's or Natalie's was funny. "Not your leper, my leper!" as Monk says on the hot-air balloon. And the cliff-hanging scene at the end, forced with a decision between death and grabbing a real leper's hand, what a decision! Thankfully, or not for Adrian, he grabbed his hand and was saved.
The one thing that this episode missed most was the prescense of Capt. Stottlemeyer. That guy's a hoot whenever he's in a scene.

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Tony said...

I agree, the black-and-white version was better!