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Monday, January 22, 2007

My Name is Earl - Buried Treasure

Overview: In classic whodunit fashion, Earl must determine who took his stolen "treasure" so he can cross it off his list. Joy, Darnell and Randy all give their own version of what happened to the buried treasure.

First Aired: January 11. I watched it January 22.

Pam's Review: Earl decides to do #52 on his list: Dig up and return the buried treasure. Several years ago, Earl, Randy, and Joy stole some Civil War silverware from the library/museum. It was too hot to sell right away, so they buried it. From this backstory, we learn each character’s underhanded participation in a story that ends up with the silverware right back in the museum. First “My Name Is Earl,” then “My Name Is Randy,” then “Joy,” then “Crabman,” then “Dotty,” the librarian.

My favorite parts (aside from the genius that was giving each character’s part as their own “My Name Is” mini-episode):
  • Earl is glad the library and museum are joined because “You could actually learn stuff there instead of just reading books.”

  • After hearing about the identifying mark on the Civil War silverware (a letter “C”), Randy marvels: “A ‘C’ for silverware! That’s smart!”

  • Earl wants his ransom note to look like he’s crazy and he’ll do anything, so he uses a nipple out of a magazine for a period.

  • The two Russian frauds are debating how to get the silverware from Randy. Man: “Is he the brains of the operation?” Woman: “Not exactly.” Man: “The heart?” Woman: “He’s more like the butt.”

  • Randy’s thoughts upon meeting the Russians: “I can’t wait to tell Earl I met a guy who sounded like Count Chocula and looked like Frankenberry!”

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