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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Earnhardt Tails

Earnhardt Tails

I'm the big bad black dude who lives with and protects my owner Ms. Pam. Ms. Pam adopted me from the Animal Rescue Society over eight years ago when I was just a little tyke. My original name was Spike, but Ms. Pam had other ideas and affectionately named me after the Intimidator, the Man in Black aka Mr. Dale Earnhardt. She also lovingly refers to me as "Man Cat." I have been her faithful companion ever since.

Ms. Pam and her good friend, Ms. Jean (who is highly allergic to me and doesn't like to pet me), went to the movies tonight. They saw The Holiday staring Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law, and Jack Black. Ms. Jean liked the movie. Ms. Pam did not, except for the parts with Jack Black.

When I asked Ms. Pam what she thought of the movie, she gave me this review while stroking the back of head. "What a MISSED opportunity. I like all the actors/actresses but something went wrong. It often looked like Cameron was fake acting and did not want to do this movie. The scene when she and Jude are sharing their life story is so shallow, insincere (by Cameron) and poorly done that I was shocked it got past editing. That Jack Black is the best actor in this movie should say it all. Kate Winslet did a good job and she and Jack alone would have made this a good movie."

However, all was not lost on the evening. Ms. Jean and Ms. Pam went to their favorite restaurant - The Oakwood Bistro where Ms. Pam ordered the Harvest Salad and Sauteed Walleye.
Ms. Pam is enjoying her wine of the week and I'm ready to snuggle in on her lap for some EGR (Extra Good Rubs) so until our next adventure . . .

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Tony said...

I think Jack Black is the best actor in every movie he has been in, no matter how bad the movie is, he is still the best actor in it.