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Monday, March 2, 2009

Supernatural: Heaven & Hell

This might have been the best episode of the season so far, which says a lot considering it's the best season of the show yet, delivering one fantastic episode after the other. This episode had everything that makes this show so good, and then some.

So much to talk about, so let’s being as the episode with were we left off. The boys facing Castiel and Uriel, and not willing to give them Anna, especially if they intend to just kill her. Now I’ve always suspected that Anna wasn’t just an average girl, I already knew she had powers, but I surely didn’t expect her to be as powerful as to managed to get ride of both Uriel & Castiel like that, thanks to some bad-ass bloody spell.

Even less that, after a little session with our old friend Pamela, she would turn out to be an Angel! And you know what’s funny? I never really had a “problem” with Anna. When I didn’t know who she was, after I found out she was an Angel, I’ve always felt like she could be trusted, for some reason. I was extremely curious as to what she disobeyed, why she decided to “quit” and do what seems to be the worst thing an Angel can do, refuse to execute an order, defuse to have blind faith in God, and turn human, and I’m extremely happy that Dean eventually asked her, and that she answered it.

I liked how her years on Earth and experience down there resonated with Dean and his own relationship with his father, and again, I fully trusted her. Her story completely makes given what I know of Angels, and I never doubted what she said. At the same time, even after all she’s done, I still can’t get myself to fully trust Ruby. It’s (almost?) getting illogical, I know, and yet….
I didn’t see the whole plan to get Godzilla and Mothra to fight one another, even though you gotta admit it was pretty much the only plan they really could have had, a brilliant one at that, and at first I surely thought she was trying to sell Anna out to save herself and the boys. So even then, she wasn’t betraying them, and yet I keep wondering what her motives are, and when she tried to pushed Sam back to use his powers, it just seemed to fit right in with her hidden motives to me.

Am I forgetting Ruby’s motives ? Did she ever explain why she did all she did ? Why she was going against her “kind” ? Why she was a demon, and yet rejected their way ? What her motives for that, and for helping the boys, really were ?? I remember a few things, I know she said she remembered what it was to be human and have feelings, but I fail to remember if she ever had some strong explanations for her actions, such as what Anna gave to Dean.

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