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Monday, March 9, 2009

Fringe: The Dreamscape

"In case you hadn't noticed, I can be quite obsessive." - Walter to Astrid, on his current obsession with coffee yogurt.

Another great episode , and some of the little symbols I see leading into commercials were actually in the episode. Let's see ...

There's the moths (or butterflies, as the case may be), who showed up in a Massive Dynamic employee's hallucinations, causing him to leap through a window and down several stories, landing on top of a car. Yeah, that did not end well.

And there's the frogs, which Olivia discovered in a basement storage room, thanks to a clue sent to her by John. You know, it seems clear that her hallucinations - or memories, whatever - of John are more than that. How could a memory be sending her emails with important clues on which to follow up? Or saying that yes, he DID see her in the restaurant when she went back into the tank to rid herself of his memories. As a side note, it also makes me wonder how many of these basement storage areas with important data are scattered around our "real" world. If Fringe is in any way true to life - and who's to say it's not? - apparently, the world's secrets are not all locked up in secret vaults somewhere.

Other thoughts:

Olivia is on to Massive Dynamic and Nina, but Agent Broyles says they've been cooperative with everything. Maybe they're slipping HIM some hallucinatory drugs.

Olivia was actually going to have FUN! Yep, I saw her smile and everything. But alas, it didn't last long and she was quickly back with her sad face and heavy attitude.

Walter's obsession of the week: coffee yogurt.

Hmmm ... who is the girl who met Peter who's being beaten up by that other guy, Michael? This storyline seemed out of place, for some reason. Did it tie in with the other stuff in this ep? Was the other guy part of the John Scott group?

Didn't see The Observer (again!). Seems like he's usually in a crowd somewhere.

Creepiest line: "I saw you. In the restaurant," written by "John" (or someone) on Olivia's computer.

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