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Monday, March 23, 2009

Dirty Sexy Money: The Summer House

I have the sneaking feeling that if Dirty Sexy Money were fated to carry on into many more seasons, I would be subjected to one failed Karen wedding per season. Fortunately or unfortunately, that won't be happen, but the show is certainly going for going out with a bang and one last hurrah. Or maybe that's one last "Holy crap." In the words of Mel Brooks, either way I'm going to have a lot of fun!

The episode's madness revolves around Karen's impending wedding to Simon Elder -- the wedding that Karen is the only person who actually wants it to go on. Around this hub circles the Lisa, Nick, Jeremy, Wrenn, Tripp, and Letitia love hexagon (well, really it's more like two triangles that are connected), Brian and Andrea and the cancer storyline, and Jeremy also pops out of the playboy mold to help his brother Patrick, much to Nola's chagrin.

First things first, let's talk wedding. Tripp and Nick meet with Simon Elder. At first they hand him a blank check to call off the wedding, but that is not what he wants. He wants all of Tripp's shares of Darling Enterprises to call off the wedding. To be delicate about it, he tells him no, and they leave -- it looks like the wedding will occur after all. Karen goes all principessa on her daddy and Tripp turns to mush. So he tells Nick to tell Simon that he has a deal. As expected, Simon goes rat bastard on them (even more so than usual) says the wedding will be called off when the shares are transferred, so Nick better work fast.

Nick, nothing short of a miracle worker, gets the shares transferred in less than four hours, just as Simon is getting all dandied up. Except once again, the job of being the bearer of bad news also falls to Nick. He's the one who tells Karen she isn't getting married, and then tells all the guests.
But fear not dear viewers, there is a wedding anyway! Brian Darling married Andrea, possibly spurred on by her illness and impending death from cancer. Like I said, they are really going all out.

Back to the Simon Elder saga, in what can only be defined as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for the show, Darling Enterprises stock plummets when news of the takeover breaks, because people who work with Tripp do not want to work with Simon Elder. Simon is understandably annoyed, and Tripp is very smug when he offers to buy back his stock. They compromise on Tripp buying back half of his stock, and they will be business partners. Nick looks very perturbed, understandably so.

In addition to now being at Simon Elder's beck and call as well as the Darlings', Nick is just not having very good luck in life. When he meets Wrenn for coffee in the morning, they run into Lisa who goes Grade A Bitch because she's jealous. In what could be considered a mature reaction in some alternate universe, she calls on Jeremy to take her to Karen's wedding. Later, Nick tells Wrenn about Tripp's request for him to arrange a luncheon between the two of them for less than scrupulous reasons. She goes to the wedding as Nick's guest, and says she will speak with Tripp. Letitia is still convinced that Wrenn arranged all of this to perform a Husband Steal, and to be honest, none of this is helped by the fact that Tripp is trying to do the stealing. Things get momentarily awkward when Nick tells Tripp he's bringing Wrenn as a date, and he apparently has some sort of epiphany, because after the wedding he tells Letitia basically that even though his eye wandered, she will always be the love of his life. I would be more endeared if Letitia did not just turn around and go Heinous Bitch on Wrenn, throwing her out of the house immediately. Nick tells her to go and not look back -- good advice, if I may say so.

At the wedding, Lisa and Nick have a calm, but heartbreaking talk. (At least for me, who will be Team Lisa today, tomorrow, and beyond.) Lisa compares their marriage to the summer house that her family once had. One time in college she drove all night to get there, only to find it was gone. What they had it gone -- just like the summer house.

On the Patrick front, he hires Jeremy when he comes to him "craving" employment. Nola is annoyed at having to work with Jeremy, but things turn out for the best. Jeremy is able to get a business partner who previously turned down Patrick, Mr. O'Connell, to say yes by reuniting him with his son, the so-called DJ Pillowhead. This Hail Mary pass lets Jeremy keep his job and annoys Nola grandly. Personally, I think that is way more awesome than any stupid Weepies concert.

My Reality Check this week goes to Simon Elder. Did I really think that he was going to successfully screw Tripp Darling and get away with it? Really? He should have known better, man. There are not that many episodes left, but I think it'll be interesting to see how they wrap things up. I'm hoping we'll see a return of Juliette -- I remember something before the season started saying that she would return -- and I am still clinging to hope that the summer house isn't gone, merely temporarily misplaced. (And when I say summer house, I mean Nick and Lisa's marriage, of course.) Maybe Karen will grow up and get a personality that looks good on a person in their late twenties/early thirties instead of one more suited to a spoiled teenager. Whoa, now I'm just going crazy.

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