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Friday, March 20, 2009

Fringe: Safe

"Just when you thought things couldn't get any weirder..." - Peter to Olivia, on seeing a dead guy embedded in a wall
Wow, a lot of things started to come together in this episode. Let's analyze:

The guy in the wall. So I now know that the experiment I saw in the last episode - where the guy grabs an apple through the wall of a safe - is being used on a larger scale. Specifically, to steal things out of bank vaults. Only, not everyone gets back through the wall.

The safety deposit boxes. I pretty much knew that the contents were mysterious things that would bring ... something ... to light. But what I didn't know is that the contents of those safety deposit boxes were actually put there by Walter years ago. And that the box numbers were the same numbers he chants at night while he's trying to go to sleep -- the Fibonacci Sequence I learned about at the beginning of this season. Way to bring that back around.

Walter's time machine. I learned that Peter nearly died when he was a boy, from a rare type of bird flu. There was a doctor with a cure who had died years earlier. So Walter built a time machine to go back and get the doctor, but he didn't need it because Peter recovered. "In theory," said Walter, "it could retrieve anyone from anywhere."

Mr. Jones in the German prison. He's integral to all the strange things happening on the outside. In fact, he seems to be the Head Bad Guy. And thanks to the time machine, he's now on the outside with a captured Olivia. He also gives new meaning to the term, "Don't kill the messenger."

Olivia. Nina's still got John Scott hooked up in her gleaming-white lab, and she now knows that Olivia is harboring John's memories. I'm not exactly believing her when she tells Agent Broyles she had nothing to do with Olivia's disappearance. And Nina and Broyles seem to get chummier with every episode. She calls him "Philip" like they're old friends ... or maybe something more. And is Olivia the dumbest FBI agent ever? Why on earth would she get out of her car and try to run when the other cars surrounded her? She could have kept driving across the lawn! Not that I was screaming at the TV or anything!!!

Little Hill Field. Don't you think it would have occurred to the FBI agents to at least Google "Little Hill" and see what comes up? The abandoned airstrip was within driving distance, for cripes sake.

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