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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eleventh Hour: Titans

I don’t think this show is one of the best thing on TV right now, but it is good and, more importantly, it keeps getting better.

With this episode, I’m not exactly sure how I feel. Here’s the thing : at first I thought it looked really good. In fact, I was impressed because it felt like the show had become much stronger than it used to be at first, and I was under the impression I might be watching nothing less than the best episode of the series so far. Unfortunately, along the way came a few things that I didn’t really liked.

Now, does that mean I didn’t enjoy the episode ? Of course not. Does that mean this wasn’t the best episode of the series yet? I honestly couldn’t say. I’m not exactly sure, but I think I want to say it still was.

I liked the little insight on Hood’s personal life we got, when he attended his nephew’s birthday - or about his sex life up in the air, also a sign he’s getting a lot more at ease with Rachel. Because Rachel and him never really talk about anything but the case, and since they’re always traveling everywhere I don’t get to see them “home” much, or at all (do they even have a home?), it was fun to see them in such a different environment.

Now I’m sure it’s no coincidence that his sister make a comment about Rachel, to which Hood immediately responded with a “strictly professional”, in the same episode where I see Rachel being all lonely and flirting with an ex FBI agent, but I for one don’t want those two (Hood and Young that is) to get together. At least for now, it would feel just wrong, they’re only starting to open up to each other and having casual chit-chat here and there, talking about their fathers, I'm so not ready to get them any closer than that.

But, it sure was fun to see Rachel very much into the ex-FBI agent and flirting with him, especially since it gave her more to do than just standing around Hood while he does scientific stuff and then chasing the bad guys and shooting them, which was welcomed. There were definitely some good stuff in this episode, and I liked the way their investigation progressed, with some pretty cool misdirection like the drugs.

Yet, as I said in introduction, a few things bugged me. First of all was that sometimes things actually felt slow, like their investigation should have gone faster, that they were taking an awfully long time to get to places they should have gone to in no time. What made things worse, was when it also had me feel like I was being treated like idiot.

Because as soon as the brother collapsed while running, one thing became pretty obvious : physical activities was (very likely to be) the trigger. At that time I was still thinking drugs were the reason behind it, turns out I was wrong on that one, but it looked pretty obvious that each time it’s during physical activities that each of them started to have “bubbles” and that probably wasn’t a coincidence.

Why did it take them so long to get there ?? Why did genius Hood have to think about it so much to realize this very obvious fact ?? It’s like when they’re wondering why those people are being injected, since they’re not athletes. Well, maybe since he left the FBI his brain got slow or something, but here’s a reason for you : it’s because they’re not athletes !

Seemed rather obvious to me that they were guinea pigs, a good way to test the drug before actually using it on the athletes without raising suspicions of steroid-like motives. That they were all siblings I didn’t guess, but that they were used as guinea pigs seemed something even an FBI agent could have thought of, no?

Something that also felt pretty odd to me, was how I saw the sister first not aware of what actually happened, that her sister had been chosen because they were sisterd and were genetically close, from being into an argument about it the minute after Hood figured it out. Almost doesn’t seem like a natural progression to me, unless he was planning all along on pushing her to commit suicide, because he really didn’t need to tell her otherwise.

Since I'm talking about that night, what the heck was that?? “Unsend mail” ? Really!?? Maybe 10 years ago it could have been fine because Internet wasn’t as popular as it is nowadays, but now it really looked stupid. There’s no “unsend” button, and I’m guessing a lot of people know that. They really should have come up with a way to have him to the same thing, hacking into her computer and making sure the mail was never sent but destroyed instead, without resorting to such a cheap thing.

Also, things didn’t even make any sense in that scene : the guy is connecting to her computer, so that he can see what she does, and control her computer if he wants to. So that means whatever he did, she could see as well. Therefore she should have seen the “unsend mail” button being clicked, and the deletion occur. And she was still looking at the screen, she was looking when it said “message deleted” and yet she didn’t care. Man was that entire scene complete screwed up!

But despite it all, and even if I felt the little “demonstration” when Hood opened the can of soda was a but unnecessary, this was a pretty good episode overall. A strong case, some interesting misdirection, no lecture about good vs bad science like they often like to do, there was definitely plenty to like.

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