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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life: Evil . . . And His Brother Ziggy

Mickey and Charlie: So, the last time I left Detective Crews, he was smack dab in the middle of a kidnapping. For two weeks I wondered what would happen to Charlie as it seemed that Mickey Rayborn had gotten the upper hand. Turns out, not much of anything happened, other than an invitation to Rayborn’s charity shindig a few days later.

That’s when the first “meeting” between the two finally came to fruition. It seems Mickey has a terminal illness that is only giving him about six months to live. So, in order to die with a clear conscience, he is willing to let some secrets be known about his involvement in the Seyboldt case. As the episode ended, I was about to hear what those issues were. Hopefully, I’ll get some sense of what it is next episode.

On the Res: The show moved away from all of that brightness into the barren tribal areas of California. Somewhere, I think there was some symbolism in their location that could be connected to Charlie and Dani. Charlie was easy … he liked the area because it was so open. After living in a tiny cell for 12 years, he wants as much open space as he can get.

The (slightly creepy) world of Dani and Tidwell: Maybe it’s just me, but there is something just a bit unsettling in the “romance” between Dani and Captain Tidwell. Sure, it’s nice to see Dani loosening up a bit (somewhat of an understatement, if you ask me), but this relationship seems, I don’t know, oogy. On the upside, it has been great fodder for some of the lighter moments of the show.

Take in this episode. When Charlie picked up the phone to hear Tidwell talking about Reese’s panties: his reaction was priceless. It was like he touched radioactive material and got severely burned. The reaction to the phone ringing again was even funnier. There was also the incident where the good Captain called Reese “dude.” Who calls a woman like Dani “dude?” The resulting action was both sexy, with Dani being nice and naked, and funny, as Tidwell called her “dude” once again.

Dinner at Charlie’s: This was another light-hearted moment for this episode. All Charlie wanted was to have a nice quiet dinner with his guest, Captain Whitehat. Soon enough, he realizes Ted had Indian food (from India, not Native American) brought in. Then, Rachel plops herself down at the table, angry that Crews wasn’t there when she called the house the night before. Finally, Ted blurts out that he’s in love with Olivia, the woman who will be marrying Charlie’s father. The best line of the night was Charlie’s simple response to Whitehat: “White people.”

A man named Evil: When I saw Evil’s name (really spelled Eval) in the title I thought that he, and his brother Ziggy, would be the main suspects in this episode. In the end, they were only minor supporting characters who appeared towards the end. Though, I’m sure there was some symbolism there with Evil’s red convertible and red shoes. Maybe a representation of the devil who was bringing sin into the Reservation. Who knows.

This week’s case: I had a hard time understanding what the birth certificate was all about and why Anna’s father killed Hawes. I think it had something to do with Anna not being Native American at all, which meant that her father would lose any money that the reservation made from the new casino.

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