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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Leverage: The Nigerian Job

All I want to say is wow. But since this is a review and all, I suppose I should be slightly more specific than that. It’s not often a pilot captures me like Leverage’s did. This show has everything I value in good television: heists / missions, clever writing and plot twists, humor, conspiracy, unique characters, actors with chemistry and a fast pace with unexpected moments. In a word … fun.

Seeing Angel’s Christian Kane again in a quality, role gives me a reason to smile. I am intrigued by Eliot Spencer and can’t wait for more reveals about his unique and amusing character.

It excites me that the actors seemed to fall into a natural groove with each other; there’s nothing worse than watching a frightening re-do of Seinfeld’s first season’s interactions: lack of chemistry, complete with a side of awkwardness.

The main break-in mission was beyond clever. From the ’80s pop culture reference (8675309) to the down-to-the-minute organization of the team — complete with disguises, gadgets, computer prowess and suspense.

It just made sense that this team of heist junkies had so much fun doing the job together that they just couldn’t part ways. The thrill of the job was magnified for all of them as they worked as a team, and they way they came together again at the end was the perfect set-up.

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