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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Supernatural: Metamorphosis

There were two significant events to Supernatural in this episode. One, Dean found out that Sam has been messing with the dark mojo and Ruby. Two, I think I was more grossed out than I ever have been before watching this show.

While the plot itself was not deep, it was an old-school Supernatural episode. Sam and Ruby are trying to get information from a Demon, with no luck. The Demon gets Sam's goat by taunting him about sending Dean to Hell and being in bed with a Demon. The new and improved Sam gets pissed of and sucks the Demon right out of him. And this time, he even managed to do so without killing the human host. Good job Sammy! Too bad big brother Dean was watching as this all went down. I was surprised at how calm Dean was when he found out. Very unlike him.

Ok, well the hot headed Dean came out strong when he found out that the chick Sam was with was in fact Ruby. He went right after her and was stopped by Sam. In the mean time, Sam gets a call from Travis to watch a guy named Jack Montgomery. So off they go.

The show flashes to Jack and his wife eating. Jack cannot eat enough, but cannot explain his hunger. That night as he brushes his teeth, Jack's bones start shifting in his back. He is scared for a moment, but cannot see anything different about his back. The boys arrive at Jack's house and watch him the next night. They were told to watch for anything unusual.

And what followed would be more described as disgusting. He asked his wife about dinner, she said it would be a little bit. So, he headed for the fridge. He started eating, but would not stop. He got to the point where he was eating raw hamburger. Ok, all together now, eeeewww. As she called to him, he stopped and realized what he was doing.

Sam and Dean leave the house to meet Travis. They find him half drunk as Dean comments that they should have locked up the beer. Travis explains that Jack is a Rugaru, a flesh-eating monster that starts human. Eventually it transforms into a demon that seeks out human flesh. It is when they eat it that they become demons. Travis killed Jack’s father. Jack doesn’t know what he is because he was given up for adoption.

Dean and Travis prepare to kill Jack, but Sam isn’t thrilled. He doesn’t want to kill Jack unless he becomes evil. I think that Sam is relating to Jack a little too much since they both have evil inside them that they cannot control. Over relate much? They agree to wait, and Sam and Dean decide to talk to him about what is happening.

As this all goes on, Jack’s blood lust increases as he sees his wife cut herself. He leaves to avoid doing something he may regret. Instead he goes to a bar and breaks a guy’s hand. When he goes home, his wife is pissed at him for abandoning her when she needed stitches. He apologizes and starts to get frisky with her. When he gets a little too rough, she gets upset.

The next day Sam and Dean arrive for their heart-to-heart, you are turning into a flesh eating demon talk with Jack. Of course, he is freaked out by what they have to say and tells them to stay away. Confused, Jack wanders the streets. When he gets excited seeing a woman getting undressed, he realizes that there is something truly wrong with him. He goes home to be with his wife.

When he arrives, Travis is already there and has tied her up. He plans to kill them both, since she is pregnant. Jack gets loose and eats Travis. Yeah, you heard me; it started off with one bite and then more. Again, eeewww!

Jack lets his wife go, who is totally horrified and disgusted. Sam and Dean show up and find that Travis is nearly gone now. Jack attacks them from behind. He is angry that they sent their “friend” after him and his wife. Sam and Dean are both knocked out. When Sam comes to, he is locked in a closet. He is worried that Jack may eat Dean. He talks to Jack, trying to reason with him. He is able to get out of the closet in just enough time to fry Jack before my beloved Dean is taken away again.

I was happy to see that one end.

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