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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Guy: Road to Germany

Family Guy had some redeeming to do for their episode a few weeks ago, “I Dream of Jesus”. And boy did they deliver! Let me admit, that I was in Germany this September so I was anxious to see where they would take this episode.

The episode had a pretty simple premise with a lot of good laughs along the way and a story that revolves around Brian and Stewie (and, OK, Mort Goldman, too). While attending a party Mort has to use the restroom (he took a combination of laxatives and stool hardeners which, needless to say, was not working out well for him) so he runs upstairs. Meg’s occupying the bathroom (and Quagmire, evidently, is videotaping her from behind the shower curtain) so Mort runs into Stewie’s room. I want to add that Stewie had a funny hand-drawn sign that said “keep out, Brian” that I think is worth mentioning!

At any rate, Mort finds what he thinks is a porta-potty in Stewie’s room and goes inside. Mort had in fact just stepped into a time machine. An hour later, when Stewie and Brian find out what’s happened (and after some always entertaining Stewie-Brian banter) they decide they have to go after Mort. Stewie and Brian find themselves in Warsaw, Poland on September 1, 1939 attending the wedding of one of Mort’s old relatives (Mort, for the record, thought he was in Heaven, which was pretty amusing).

Brian vaguely remembers that “something” happens on that date in Poland but his memory is hazy so they decide to stay for some more of the wedding. The reception, of course, ends up being broken up by the German invasion of Poland on that day! Stewie, Brian and Mort now have to escape occupied Poland. This leads us to a car chase that is based on Biff chasing Marty a la “Back to the Future”. This will represent AWESOME MOVIE REFERENCE NUMBER ONE!

The gang makes it back to England but realize they have to go back to Berlin for some Uranium to make Stewie’s time travel pod work again. So what do they do? Of course, they join the Royal Air Force and dog fight the German Luftwaffe! This results in Stewie saying “Talk to me, Goose” (though Brian asks him NOT to call him Goose) which, of course, is a reference to Top Gun, and will represent AWESOME MOVIE REFERENCE NUMBER TWO!

Their plane takes on gun fire and they have to abandon their plane. Imagine an old plane hurdling toward a mountain with no parachutes- only a life raft. Any movies come to mind? Yes, exactly!! In AWESOME MOVIE REFERENCE NUMBER THREE Stewie screams “We’re not sinking- we’re crashing”, and the gang jumps out in the raft, over the mountains, over a waterfall, a la Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom!

Stewie, Brian and Mort do make it to Berlin and in order to gain access to a Nazi Weapons Lab (for the Uranium) they jump some soldiers in an alley and take their Nazi uniforms-setting up, by far, the best scene in the episode. Stewie notices something on his lapel and says “hey that’s weird there is something on here”. We zoom and see that one of the Nazi officers was wearing a “McCAIN-PALIN” button on their lapel. By far, the moment of the night, as far as this am concerned!

Stewie, Brian and Mort eventually get their Uranium (but not before Hitler and Stewie meet briefly) and make it back to the present time. All in all, this was a great episode. Good story, great Brian-Stewie dialogue, great jokes, and three amazing movie scene references! Definitely the best episode of this season so far! I hope that in an upcoming episode they find a way to integrate references to more of my favorite movies.

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