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Monday, December 29, 2008

Fringe: The Cure

"Where can I get one of those white suits?" - Walter, asking for a hazmat suit

Let's start at the end of this episode. I felt a little spark of something when Olivia and Peter were talking. At one point, he almost looked like he was going to lean over and kiss her. If so, I hope they don't go there -- at least, not quite yet.

The story follows the theme that someone is out there experimenting on people, with clues leading back to Massive Dynamic. Nina was only too happy to hand over the Intrepus intel to Peter, only now he's indebted to her, so I'll see where that leads in the future. But it's good for Nina, because the Intrepus' stock plunged, which gives Massive an edge.

The question is, why does someone want to turn humans into weapons? As Peter suggested, it's not only a matter of humans being used for guinea pigs, but also that someone is possibly preparing for something.

Points of interest:

Agent Broyles is surely one of the most intense guys on TV. His eyes burn laser holes into the head of whomever he's talking to, and I get the feeling that if you tipped him over, he'd crack into a million tiny pieces.

Walter continues to crack me up.

Nina told Peter that she and Walter were quite close years ago, and that she spent a lot of time with Peter when he was a kid.

I learned a little of Olivia's past, with her abusive stepfather and the card he always sends on her birthday. I wonder if he has any connections to what's going on.

A few of Walter's memorable lines:
"If you're going out, could you bring me back some cotton candy? Blue, not pink."
"Was I humming? I thought it was in my head."
"Could I get some of this onion soup? It looks delicious."

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