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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Sarah Connor Chronicles: The tower Is Tall but the Fall is Short

This episode felt a little slow, but there was a lot going on. I got to see what the story was with Katherine Weaver and her “daughter.” The poor kid is living with a Terminator. More specifically, the Terminator that killed her real mom, presumably. The episode drew interesting parallels between Katherine Weaver and Sarah Connor - both women (well, one woman, one Terminator), struggling to raise their emotionally-crippled children. My perverse sense of humor would really love to see a sitcom about a Terminator trying to raise a child.

This episode finds another mystery name from the bloody wall. This time it’s Dr. Sherman, a therapist who specializes in children. The Connor clan pose as patients in order to plant a bug and keep tabs on the good doctor, but it turns out that maybe they really could use a little therapy. John, in particular, seems desperate for someone to talk to. Seems that the future savior of mankind might have a little touch of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Trust me, Johnny, it’s only going to get worse from here. Poor Sarah tries to reach out to the bratty little teenager but is rebuffed. What more can this poor woman do? Hopefully John will be able to find the help he needs so that he can actually save mankind, and not just mope around with his pet robot.

Speaking of the pet robot, Cameron and Derek get seemingly pointless subplots this week. Well, that’s not entirely fair. Derek hooked up with an old flame who has come from the future for some unknown reason. She is, however, collecting pictures of the Connors. Looks like trouble. I hope she sticks around for more than just an episode or two. Cameron happens upon another lady Terminator at Dr. Sherman’s and a kick ass fight scene ensues. I’m all for the plot and character development, but I’m ready for a little more action. Hopefully with the sweeps coming up we’ll get to see some more Cameron doing what she does best (and I don’t mean ballet).

By the end of the episode, I see that Katherine Weaver learns a little bit about what it means to be human (aww, just like the Grinch), and Sarah realizes that maybe a little therapy would help her too. It’s just a shame that her therapist is helping Katherine Weaver “raise” Skynet. Oops!

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