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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Eli Stone: The Path

So there were no doubts about what show I was watching, the new season of Eli Stone kicked off with a huge musical number. Okay, actually it started with Eli in a therapist's office talking to guest star Sigourney Weaver, revealing that it's been six months since his surgery and that the aforementioned dance number was the first time he'd heard singing and music like that since.

I kind of liked the approach of filtering my catch-up on Eli's life through his therapy session. But since this is Eli Stone, things aren't always as they appear to be. What is as it appears to be is the fact that Eli Stone is returning to the prime-time lineup in fine fashion. Some of you may recall that I wasn't gushing with praise about this show last season, but I really feel that it's found its feet and evolved into a pretty good little show. I even found myself *gasp* caring about what happened to various characters throughout tonight's episode.

So therapy sessions with Sigourney Weaver were a whole new form of delusion for Mr. Stone. Or is she really God's fiduciary? And his sessions with her set up a whole new layer to the show. If Eli is an appointed visionary, it makes perfect sense that when he removed the aneurysm from his brain, effectively "quitting," they'd look for a suitable replacement. Whoever "they" is. And why not like right next door.

I don't know why, and I certainly didn't see it coming, but I absolutely loved seeing Eli's brother Nathan have a vision. I thought Eli's vision at the open of the episode had signified that he didn't need an aneurysm to have them, but maybe that was induced by Sigourney? However short-lived it was a great dynamic for Eli's skeptical brother to have a chance to experience the life disruptions he put up with last year.

It's also nice to see that Eli's inspiration and presence at the firm is going to continue poisoning Jordan Wethersby. By poisoning, I mean turning him for the better. Now if only I could stop being distracted by his weirdly "car door open" left ear. I'm sure the ramifications of his having abandoned the bank meeting and insulted their management will create new challenges for him at the firm and with his daughter.

I'm envisioning a struggle throughout this season between the forces of good (Stone, Maggie and Jordan) and the forces of stereotypically evil lawyers (Matt, Taylor and Posner). Considering that the firm has been performing so much on the dark side over the years, this could be disastrous for Eli and Jordan. And I won't commit to which side Matt and Taylor will utlimately sit on, but they've been strangely resistant to long-term change for the better thus far.


Post-surgery, post-visions, Patti gave Eli an MP3 player so he could hear music while he worked. A very sweet gesture as well as a statement of what side of Eli she preferred. It's easy to forget what kind of a guy he used to be.

So Dr. Chen is in the smoothy business now. Acupuncture chased down by a delicious fruit smoothy. Feel the fruity goodness seeping out of hundreds of tiny little holes all over your body. Huh, I guess it could work.

I know it's not politically correct to say so, but Ms. Henstridge looks like she's put on a little weight during the off-season.

The door was left open for Ms. Weaver to return in the role of God's fiduciary, or whatever I'll decide to call her, and I hope they let her walk through it again. It adds a depth and sense of purpose and plan to the visions. It gives me something to try and work out between episodes.

George Michael doesn't have a song named "The Path." Just another example that the show appears to be evolving into something more this season.

It is annoying that after so many visions and predictions proven true over and over again last season, nobody believes Eli still.

I wanted to see Posner's reaction to the fact that Eli was right. He's just one of those personalities you want to rub it in over and over again.

Eli never got his license to practice law renewed. And then he practiced law. Wonder if they'll follow up on that. In the end, Eli made a deal with Sigourney Weaver, or God, to take the aneurysm and the visions back. It's a little disappointing that I won't get to see the visionary brothers Stone, but it does look like I'm going to see Eli and Jordan on some kind of crusade. After all, Jordan told Eli, "I know what we have to do now."

I'm pleased to see this show reaching out to become something more than what it was. It was a nice little gem at mid-season last year and due to the strike it was one of the few "new" shows on the air.

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