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Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Name Is Earl: We've Got Spirit

This episode started with Darnell attempting to follow an impossible dream: classing up the Crab Shack. Instead of “getting rid of that smell,” Darnell starts offering a variety of cakes, which pleases Randy to no end since German is his favorite flavor. While Earl and Randy are at the bar, Joy’s son draws a picture of Catalina rather than of Joy, and Earl sees a “dude cheerleader” on TV. This takes him back to the list. Years earlier, Earl made fun of Kenny for wanting to be a cheerleader, and he sets about making that right. But unfortunately for Earl, Kenny wasn’t the one who wanted to cheer.

Kenny can’t keep a secret, and he reveals to Earl that Randy was the one who wanted to be a dude cheerleader. To get Randy crossed off the list, Earl pretends to also want to go to Kimmi Himler (nice Nazi reference) Cheer Academy. Once they sign the “No Statutory Rape” contract, they’re in. At cheer camp, the guys meet Kimmi Himler, played by Jenna Elfman, finally in a show that someone wants to watch for a change (remember Dharma and Greg, anyone? I wish I didn’t.) Her face is covered in hideous scars from an unfortunate incident that ended in a badger mauling, and one of her eyes drips all the time. It’s gross, and I thought it was hilarious.

While Earl and Randy are learning about team spirit, Joy tries to convince her son that she’s attractive. “Blond hair and blue eyes is rare, so it’s considered a treasure of the human race. That’s what World War II was about.” Once again, I have to admit that Joy is a genius. Still angry that Catalina is more attractive to her son, she says that he “just likes her because she’s the color of pancakes,” and who could blame him? Pancakes are delicious. But I digress.

Earl and Randy find themselves on a cheer squad with “preggers, headgear, chunk, and black girl,” none of whom take much pride in their cheering until Randy takes charge. Kimmie, desperate for her daughter to be the best, tries to kick them out. Earl decides to pay the ultimate price to help Randy achieve his dream, and he has sex with Kimmie and learns firsthand about that “eye milk.” While Earl is committing disgusting acts for someone he cares about, Joy is still trying to be sexy enough so that her son will need her, which is also pretty gross. To make her feel better, Darnell pushes a fan onto their son, who comes running to Joy.

Now that things are good with Joy, she brings everyone from the Crab Shack to watch the cheerleading. Joy takes this opportunity to tell Earl he’s a douchebag, and this makes Earl realize that he doesn’t want to do this, especially since everyone brought their camcorders so he and Randy will “look stupid and 10 pounds heavier.” But it doesn’t matter how bad they look, they still end up being the best cheer squad Camden has ever seen, which is not at all surprising.

I loved this episode. The more screen time Randy gets, the funnier I feel like the show is, because Ethan Suplee is hilarious. I didn’t really find much fault with this one, since there were some great one-liners in there and everyone got their chance to shine.

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