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Monday, March 17, 2008

Nip/Tuck: Lulu Grandiron

One of the things that I've always enjoyed about Nip/Tuck is the way that Sean and Christian are constantly compared to each other. No matter how much they fight, no matter how much the writing may lead me to believe that they clash, no matter how much they are juxtaposed in any number of varying scenarios, they always turn out looking far more similar than different. This episode was a prime example.

As Christian put it, the two of them are both guilty of enjoying a "mental blow-job." They like to have their egos stroked, to be told they're different and unique and special. Why? Because they know they're not. As a result, they trust too easily, act naïve, and generally seem to accept things that anyone else with half a brain would be all over. It's not the first time either of them has been duped.

This time, Christian was trying to prove he's worth a damn by taking on the duties of plastic surgeon to the socialite scene. While it was hilarious that he whipped out his junk as part of his "job interview," I still knew this was going to end badly. These woman were rich, uppity, plastic surgery/money/sex addicts and that means issues. In the case of Lulu Grandiron, it meant a bi-polar disorder with a tendency to forget her meds. Had Christian checked her medical records before making her look like a cat in the operating room, I wouldn't be writing this paragraph.

I'll be honest though. I believed her. I didn't think she was crazy and I honestly believed this was something Lulu just needed to do. That was until Christian took off her bandages and she started hissing and waving her hands like some sort of rabid barn animal. Crazy! I liked Sean's comment differentiating between a sculptor and a surgeon. If you screw up the marble, it won't sue.

On the flip side, Sean was dealing with Colleen. I knew the truth about her well before he did and it took Bliss' shopping addiction for him to see the light. She found Colleen's teddy-bear kiosk at the mall. Devastated, Colleen broke into Sean's condo and slit her wrists right before he got home. Too many questions though. What about the CAA agent she killed? Did she do or set-up anything else before she killed herself? I just hope her passing (is she dead?) has some meaning or repercussions. And for the millionth time, why does the theme from The Exorcist play whenever she's up to no good?

More than Christian, I was more surprised by Sean for not putting the puzzle together. Colleen had no office. No other clients. As far as I can tell, Sean never signed any contract with her. Plus, she was seriously pushing his involvement in an ad campaign for Sizzler's new salad bar. How much more obvious could it get?

More ramblings...

One of the things I've liked about this season is the way characters aren't forced back into the story. Everyone pops in now and then, but nothing feels out of place. Bliss and the return of Eden in this episode are good examples. So are the way Matt and Julia (is she dying still?) have been used this season.

Speaking of Eden, did anyone else assume she was going to commit suicide? I did. After Colleen's "Sean doesn't love you" chat, I thought she was going to mow down a few bottles of pills. Instead, she's back to doing porn with Ram and Kimber. How unfortunate.

And speaking of Ram, what was baby Jenna's first word? Not Daddy. Not Mommy. "Ram." Her first word was the name of a porn king-pin. Adorable.

With only two episodes left, I'm really not sure if this season is building up to anything. Other than Hearts and Scalpels, there really hasn't been any season long plot other than "Hollywood" itself. That being said, I suppose anything could happen.

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