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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Prison Break: Dirt Nap

"If he doesn't take you, I will." - Lincoln

Well isn't that special. Lincoln's got a crush on Sofia. Not like I didn't see that coming. All that's missing now is the clich├ęd scene where something stressful happens, they lock eyes, and start sucking face amidst all the chaos of planning an inmate bust. I know it's coming. Here's the real question though: what are the chances of finding a gift shop that sells Eiffel Tower keyrings in Panama City?!?

Looks like Lincoln's budding desire might actually have a chance though. Sofia is clearly fed up with the lies that Whistler has been spinning. But she did find his big 'ol titanium briefcase. He hid it well, so there has to be something good inside.

That's not all I found out about him though. He's still trying to sell his story to Michael and said something about the Company killing his family. Then he went even further with the fisherman story and said that Gretchen and her employers had commissioned him to be their personal charter. I think it's all crap. If you ask me, the real key is going to be that Blackberry Gretchen has. She was e-mailing on it... as Gary Miller. The same name Whistler went by in that passport Sofia found. So to someone (whoever Edward Guthrie is), Whistler is indeed Gary Miller. What is he though? Based on the e-mail that Gretchen was drafting, he works in sales and they need this Guthrie fellow to come to Panama and "play some golf." So what's his significance?

If Lincoln's plan goes off without a hitch, I might never find out though. When is he planning on setting off that bomb that Sucre planted in Gretchen's car? The big issue? Will Sucre let him go through with it now that Gretchen knows who and where Mari-Cruz is? Sucre has never been shy in letting people know that Mari-Cruz is priority number one for him. He'll definitely back up on any plans he has with Lincoln to ensure her safety.

Inside Sona, things were moving relatively slow. Sammy finally went through with the coup and knocked Lechero off his throne. It didn't last too long though. Once he figured out Scofield's plans and tried to crawl out the half-finished tunnel? Well... just look at the name of the episode.

The whole ordeal was a little tedious though. I knew Sammy was going to die. Once Michael started making a big deal out of that little pin he shoved into the wall, I knew he was going to pull it back out. I was hoping Sammy would have finished off Bellick though. One less person to worry about. Although, McGrady seems poised to slide in the second Scofield has any kind of opening on his crew. I think he'll honestly let the kid tag along once the plan is fully laid out though.

At this point, I'm sure the story is going somewhere, but I need some more explanation than I've been getting. That briefcase is a good start because I can only assume it's important... but it might not be. It might end up being another vague clue with no apparent meaning. Sort of like that bird book. It'll end up having some value at the last possible second when everything is already on the table. By then, it won't really matter. Although, with only three finished episodes left this season, I might not get that far anyway.

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