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Monday, March 24, 2008

Prison Break: Hell or High Water

Is it just me, or was it relatively easy to break out of Sona? When compared to Fox River, it was a cake! No tattoos required -- just dig a hole and run. And before you say, "but what about all those guards with guns," look at it this way: they're what made it easy! And Michael used it to his advantage. He gave them something to occupy their time (allowing Lechero, T-Bag, and Bellick to go first and get caught) and then he, Whistler, Mahone, and McGrady pretty much just walked through the hole in the fence. So, with that in mind... remind me again why The Company had to use Michael to get to Whistler?

Just seems like it would have been easier to send in some kind of tactical recovery team to bust the guy out. I suppose that doesn't really matter though because Michael worked his magic and got Whistler out anyway. So now they're running and swimming and driving their way to freedom, but not without some bumps along the way.

First there's Sucre, who's predicament with the guards at Sona has become borderline comical. First they nail him on a warrant for an alias that made no sense to me at all. We'd never heard him use that name before, right? At first, I thought maybe Gretchen had done it to set him up, but that doesn't make sense because she knew Sucre was part of Lincoln's plan. Why screw up her ticket to Whistler? So that warrant finally disappears and T-Bag, inches from having his twig and berries fried off by a car battery, fingers Sucre as having a part in the escape. I guess all I'm trying to say is that it sucks to be Sucre. He can't catch a break.

It did, however, lead to what I'm convinced is the most ridiculous moment in Prison Break history. Since Sucre couldn't man the boat, McGrady's father took over as skipper when he saw that the boat was still at the marina. How did he find the merry gang of convicts after they swam to freedom? He knew they were coming from the southwest and "took a chance." Wow! That was one hell of a gamble. So after running through the woods, swimming for who knows how long, and clinging to a giant buoy, it looks like they're all actually free. It opens the door for tons of questions though.

Does Whistler's bird book actually hold any meaning? Isn't it more likely that he has all the knowledge he needs in his head and the bird book is just his way of lowering himself to seem innocent? Like a safety blanket to mask something? I'll be interested to see what T-Bag does with it.

What happens if McGrady is recognized at the road block? I see no real reason for him to be around though. I'll be happy if he passes through and we've seen the last of him.

Is Gretchen actually going to hand over LJ and Sofia quietly? As long as she gets Whistler, is there really any need for bloodshed?

There's probably more questions, but I'm moving on. I was a little bugged about how I'm supposed to care about Lechero and Mahone. Lechero got shot. He can rot for all I care. Mahone is a little different and I think I'm supposed to see him as more human now. I still can't stand him and wish Lincoln had shot him. Here's a guy who had a body buried in his backyard, and was willing to sell anyone and everyone else out to hide his own secrets. He let himself be manipulated by The Company and carried out all their orders. Good riddance to him. Lincoln's right, Mahone shot his dad with no hesitation. Not much room to forgive there. If he hangs around, maybe Gretchen will take him out since he probably knows more than he should.

More random thoughts...

I loved how Lincoln's boom-box finally paid off. Recorded gunshots. Even better was that Gretchen and her goons fell for it.

Do either Bellick, T-Bag, or Lechero actually know anything worth something other than Michael was behind it all?

So now they're out. The next episode is the season finale so I assume I can expect some complications when the switch comes. I know Whistler got away at the end of this episode, but I'm not sure he'll get too far. Then again, maybe he will. Everyone else seems to know their way around Panama pretty well and he actually lived there for a while...

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