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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Law & Order: Driven

Talk about a surprise ending. The jury found not only the mother who bullied her teenagers to not back down and urged them to return to the basketball court, carrying baseball bats, to get their basketball, but also the man who actually killed the two teenagers (thinking he was saving his son) guilty. Even though this with truly about racism, the mother claimed these actions where do to a difference in culture.

In any case, I found the verdict to be perfect, the jury finding them not guilty of killing the boy, who was the one planning to go back anyway, even before the mom decided to give them bats and drive them over, but finding both adults guilty of killing the girl, an innocent after all. She was just unlucky enough to have been standing behind the boy when he got shot.

The jury foreman said it best that these unnecessary deaths would not have occurred without the actions of either one of these adults.

Jack McCoy is becoming more and more comfortable in his new shoes as the District Attorney. He at first frowned upon in asking a favor of the historic society regarding an old church, but he knew this was the only way to get the people of the neighborhood to cooperate. But when the DA's office hit another roadblock, he refused to budge on any more favors. Way to go Jack!

It's good to see the show back at the top of its game.

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