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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Prison Break: Good Fences

Well now I know. "What's in the box" turned out to be what I expected. Anyway, upon opening up his little gift from The Company, Lincoln saw the worst -- Sara's head neatly wrapped up in some decorative tissue paper.

If only Michael knew that his one true love was dead and gone. Something tells me Linc was weighing his options by not telling his brother the truth though. Saving only L.J. might not be enough to keep Michael in escape mode.That's the beauty of this season, much as it was in the first. It doesn't matter who you kill off or who you add to the mix. The goal remains the same. As Michael proved in this episode, all that matters is who you can manipulate to achieve that goal.

I didn't expect Michael to have a plan implemented just yet. Granted, it's still in the early stages but it's also steps ahead of what I expected by episode four. However, I do think that it's a little less dramatic since he's making it all up as he goes along rather than glancing under his left armpit for the next tattooed instruction. Still, I am enjoying the manipulation. It's making the show for me right now.

Lechero has no idea that Michael electrified the fences and Bellick paid for it in the end with that hot cup of coffee poured on his back. I almost wonder if Michael pushed all that dirt into the breaker box just so Bellick would think something was going on. Sort of an impromptu set-up on Michael's part.

One of my biggest complaints so far has been the worthlessness of characters like Mahone and Sucre. Consider that fixed. Both men have now been given a point to be on the show. Sucre is the new gravedigger. It's a perfect situation for him. He can make money to send back home to his family and help Michael escape at the same time. By spraying the chemical meant for the dead bodies onto the fence, the electricity heats it up and according to Michael, it'll rot through steel. Hello hole in the fence. Next step? Getting rid of the guards with guns. How's he going to create a diversion that will actually get all those guys out of their towers though?

Mahone has a different story. Michael has been jerking him around, giving him pointless tasks to make him feel involved and Mahone didn't really think twice about it. That was until he started with the withdrawal symptoms coupled with hallucinating images of Haywire. Throw in a drug addiction courtesy of the newly appointed prison drug czar T-Bag, and Mahone got his faculties back. So it seems that for the rest of the season, he's going to be quite the thorn in Michael's side unless he has an active involvement with the escape.

Other stuff on my mind...

I'm not sure I really care what Whistler did. Unless it's something horrible or utterly amazing, I really don't think it will impact the story. They still need to get him out of prison. Mark my words though because I'm calling it now -- whatever conspiracy he's tied into will end up being a big disappointment.

I wish Lechero had been a bit more lenient on Bellick. I liked the little dynamic developing between him and Lechero. Bellick got fooled and was just trying to pass on some advice. Even though Michael covered his tracks this time, I think it's safe to say that Lechero's curiosity has been peaked.
Why try and make Susan B. Anthony compassionate and cold all at the same time? I don't get her character though. What about her involvement made her the right pick to handle the duties as Lincoln's pseudo-handler?
Michael will hear about Sara somehow. That won't be good because he is going to be PO'ed with his brother for keeping mum.

Now I mentioned that Whistler has to have done something pretty crazy for me to really care. What if it is something horrible though? How's Sofia going to react to that? Already, she seems like she doesn't know him that well. She might be the lynch pin for this whole operation and if it turns out that she gives up on Whistler, then what's Lincoln going to do? I don't actually see that happening... just a thought. I guess my point is that Lincoln needs some better roadblocks on the outside. He's not hitting any bumps in his quest. Sure, Sara's head was a traumatic thing to see and all the deaths are weighing on him, but he's not slowing down.

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