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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Damages: I Hate These People

"You're a baptist, right Ray? Repent!" - Patty

This was the first episode this season since the pilot where I really felt a tense energy. It's definitely because I'm getting closer to the point when the past catches up to the future. It went from eight days away, to six, to two in this episode and now I'm just waiting for the point when the toned down colors of the present suddenly change to indicate that I just crossed the line.

First up, let's talk about that quote. I threw it in because, while I thought it was harsh, I never actually thought Ray would take it literally and go all the way. He shot himself right in front of Patty (which explains the single blood drop on her shoe), but it's a little disappointing. With the announced second season, it's too bad Ray won't be around. He could have just fled to country with the same results to the Frobisher case. It was dramatic and all, but I don't think it was necessary.

I can understand why it happened though. With all that southern charm and pride he's known for, finding out that he was a closet homosexual (that kissing scene was awkward) and guilty of insider trading would have ruined his life. Sure Patty offered him a job, but he would have never recovered from a blow like that. I loved the flashbacks between him and Gregory though. I was waiting for when I would finally see how they met and what led to Palm Beach.

So the blood was Ray's and that means that Patty might not have been present for Ellen's attack or David's murder. It's starting to look more and more like Frobisher is indeed behind it all. He had no problem taking out Moore and now that Ray is gone, so is any shred of Art's conscience. He'll find out about the tape and go after whoever has it. It's his only salvation.

Katie seems to have dropped the tape off at Ellen and David's apartment, but it also seemed like she was waiting for Ellen to leave. This all happened in one of the "2 Days Later" flash-forwards so I assume I'll get an answer, but is there something on that tape that leads David to break it off with Ellen? Is there something Ellen did that I still don't know about? That might be a stretch, but at this point, I'll consider anything when it comes to this show.

Now, I've mentioned the blood drops a few times, but I liked how that and some other little things played out in this episode. I appreciate stuff like that, when the writers pay attention to details. I finally saw Ellen leave the message on Lila's phone that the cops found. I saw Lila use the keys to the apartment again. I loved how Ellen turned down Patty's offer to have the job back and then even said no to her brown envelope stuffed with cash. I saw what appeared to be a look of worry on Patty's face when she finally heard Tom's message about Ellen in jail. With that in mind, it seems like Patty might be fleeing just because she needs some time to think. She's clearly torn up about witnessing Ray's suicide and the trial is still over four weeks away. So what else happened that pushed her to run?

As I've come to expect from this show, there are still lots of lingering and new questions:

  • What were Patty's real-estate goons doing in the apartment? Bugging it? Searching for something? If it was indeed bugged for whatever purposes, what did they use? Just listening devices? Or fibers optics? Could there be video of David's murder hidden on some hard drive video feed in Patty's office?
  • How's the story with Lila going to pay off? At first, I thought she might be behind David's murder, but now I feel like Frobisher is and someone was just looking for that tape. However, if Katie did indeed drop the tape there, Arthur would only know it's there if he got to Katie. I know she's alive in the future... so... my head hurts.

I'm not sure what else to think at this point. All season long I've been hoping for this big twist and now it seems that it's wrapping up with the safe finish and it's all Frobisher's fault. I hate to say it, but it even looks like Patty might not be that bad after all.

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