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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Damages: Do You Regret What We Did?

Well, that certainly made up for the last few episodes. It's been slow to build, but I think that most of what's going to shape the rest of this season took form in this episode of Damages. Granted, a lot happened. Definitely a blink and you missed it kind of situation. But then again, that was one of the things that made me fall in love with the pilot in the first place. I'm actually starting to believe that the writers may be able to wrap this season up with a logical and satisfying ending.

Everything is starting to come together. All the little things I've assumed or only heard bits and pieces about were finally laid on the table for me in plain English. It's slightly annoying to me that everything was such a guessing game up until now, and just like that -- it's all out.

First off, I saw the first hint that David and Ellen aren't going to last. Lyla, who apparently has a pocket full of restraining orders, has chosen David as her next "lover." She made copies of his keys, planted them back in Ellen's sock drawer, and even visited Ellen at work. I don't think Ellen believes her right now, but something tells me that Lyla's persistence will wear her down. It's hard to ignore someone who says she's sleeping with your fiancé. Throughout all this, I loved seeing how Ellen has changed. I think I mentioned this last time. She wears only black and acts much colder. She was going to call security to get rid of Lyla and then she ripped David a new one when she interrogated him about Lyla later that day. Despite the mini-vacation they went on to Patty's beach house, the engagement is definitely rocky.

Speaking of Patty's beach house, what happened there? In the present, things are still moving forward. Now that Ellen has been transferred to Riker's Island, she seems to have renewed some of her trust in Tom. I think she believes him when he says that he has no idea where Patty is. No one does. All I know is that she was driving out of New York like a crazy person behind the wheel, crying and sobbing.

Even though Ellen told Patty that the engagement was off (What did they do that Ellen regrets?), I doubt very much that's what has her torn up. If she did order a hit on David and Ellen, what would Patty's motive be? The only clue so far is Ellen admitting to Tom that she knows something. I should hope so! If she doesn't know something, this is going to sink fast.

Random thought... I haven't seen Frobisher once in the present. Where's he at? Would he have a reason to visit Ellen in jail?

Back in the past, the only other thing to talk about is Frobisher's side. People are frustrated with him, especially Moore. Spilling info to Ellen was interesting, but I personally think that Arthur having his own personal Chappaquiddick (sort of) is a bit too convenient at this point in the season. It just makes it easier for Patty to take him down I think. Takes away some of the challenge. Anyway, Moore and Fiske brought it all out in an attempt to bring Arthur into settlement mode. Seems foolish since he's been so stubborn thus far. Plus, now that Ray and Moore sent some goons to take out Gregory, that's another missing puzzle piece which only makes a trial seem more attractive to Frobisher.

Ah... but what about the tape? Assuming it wasn't destroyed when Gregory was hit by the car, the police are going to find that on his body. I think he stuck it in his pocket. Or did he leave it in his bag when he went to walk the dog? I forget. Either way, the police or Katie are going to find that tape and after that it all falls down. Even if Moore is able to kill all knowledge of Gregory's stock sale, Katie now has the check to prove it. But I know how they operate now. If they know Katie has any of this stuff, she's in trouble. I know she doesn't get killed because we saw her ID David's body in the present, but that doesn't mean they can't try. The question is who will come after her first? Patty or Arthur? Both sides want what she has.

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