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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Movie Review: Kalamazoo?

I saw Kalamazoo? today at Western Michigan University's Little Theater. I missed the premier (April 2006) and had anxiously been waiting for it to make a return engagement. Not to be biased since I have lived in the Kalamazoo area for over 30 years, but I truly enjoyed this film.

Kalamazoo? is filmed entirely in where else... Kalamazoo, MI and features Michigan based bands on the soundtrack.Three women attend their ten year high school reunion but realize beforehand the time capsule containing the surveys they filled out upon graduation would be opened on reunion night. Fearing that their failures might be embarrassingly revealed, they embark on a mission to "search and destroy" the capsule and it's contents before that fateful night.

Kalamazoo? is a comedy and delivers exactly that! It's fun, humorous and chocked with wisecracks, one liners and a little slapstick but, not to the point where you want to be put out of your misery. The first three quarters of the film are fast paced and reinforced by the subplot of their deceased (and unseen to the trio) grandmothers supervising the "mission" but warned by their heavenly agent (Michael Boatmen) not to help in any way.

Just past the second third of the film, Kalamazoo? takes a dramatic turn and believe me, you can feel it coming and connect with it immediately! Lacking is profanity, nudity and abusive language which makes it viewable to family audiences.

It was great to see local town businesses, parks, and city streets filmed in this movie. What a great city...Kalamazoo! The screenplay provided by one of the principal cast members (Joanna Clare Scott) with story credit provided by sister Dana E. Kowalski (both native Kalamazoo'ians) provide comedy relief to the ten year high school reunion ritual that I myself have lived through.

Visit the website "kalamazoothemovie.com" for a short trailer, cast BIOS, stills and info on showing locations.

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