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Friday, November 16, 2007

MTTT - Fat City Bistro

The M Thirsty Third Thursday gathered last night at the new Fat City Bistro, formerly Nick's Tavern and Grill.

Fat City Bistro was opened this year by Dan Walterson, owner of South Street Cigar and Wine shop and Brad Roche. They thoroughly remodeled and gave the bar lots of upscale touches like rich wood paneling on walls; tables with thick, heavy, curled iron legs; restrooms with modern, swanky sinks; several well-placed TV monitors; and a great interior sound system.

The small, cozy bar has a string of white lights underneath the bar top, where there also are hooks for purses. The average age in the Bistro was probably 45 or so. No college students were there. It was also nice that you could actually carry on a conversation without having to yell above the music or crowd. The only complaint is the lights are so dim, I couldn't read the menu without lining the votive candles around the menu. I thought I might catch my hair on fire since I had to lean down so far to see.

The bar has expanded to include sandwiches, appetizers, salads, wraps, paninis and 7-inch pizzas. I had the nachos, which was a huge plate and made enough for two meals. Cheryl & Bob tried the pizzas and said they were very good. Liz had the quesadillas and liked them. Kenn had the sliders - mini-hamburgers. The "7 Minutes in Heaven" martini was a favorite of mine.

We all agreed this was a great place even though it is also considered smoking (cigar) lounge. Thankfully not a lot of people were there so the smoke did not bother me. The upstairs has over-stuffed black couches where folks can relax smoking their favorite cigar. I think the summer time sipping a cool martini on the deck would be right up my alley. So I will definitely be back come summer!

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