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Monday, November 12, 2007

20 Years of Service & Eureka: All That Glitters

Woo Hoo - I recently celebrated 20 years at my job! Today I was recognized for my years of service. To quote Sally Field "You like me, you really like me." Seriously, my company is a great place to work and these past 20 years have flown by. I couldn't ask for anything better. That's me on the right and my boss, Mary, in the red.

Leading up to the season finale of a science fiction show can be tough. Eureka's spent so much time dropping hints that they managed to pull off a decent episode and give a nice intro to the upcoming season finale. Things are anything but quiet. Beverly's back, Henry's cheesed off and Zoe wants to have a sleep over.

Alchemy is yet another classic topic that just doesn't get much coverage in TV or movies. I really liked the approach to this challenging facet of Science Fiction lore. I'm afraid that they under-used Michael Shanks in his role. He did a great job, I just noticed his biceps more than his acting!

Zoe tends to be peripheral to the plot, using the statue to tie her and Lucas into the Alchemy line was a nice bit of writing. I did wonder a bit about Jack's concern for the party - he does have the uber smart house after all. SARAH could easily call up Jack whenever anyone gets a bit too touchy feely. Knowing that your dad might show up on a video wall at any moment would probably keep the kids behaving!

Even better than the Alchemy plot was the fruition of all the hints as the season progressed towards the finale. Beverly ended up in GITMO, Kevin is showing signs of mutating like the departed Doctor (Who, by the way, ended his own life with the artifact.)I'm surprised that we didn't see any more hints about Jack's memory returning. It seemed to take up quite a bit early on, but maybe they're waiting to trot that bit of information out later.

I was definitely surprised by Henry's actions. Considering how angry he's been, I couldn't believe that he listened to Beverly. The plan to get Kevin seemed a bit over the top. If you're out to get your hands on the latest enhanced human, wouldn't you ambush him at home or in transit rather than inside the most secure facility in the country? I think they left out some details when Henry and Beverly invaded Allison's office.

Henry says that the bacteria mutated again - but I got the impression that it was a hoax to get the evacuation procedures primed. I'm not clear just why the super evacuation procedure was activated on Allison's office. Was it real or not?The finale will hopefully shed some serious light on things.

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