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Friday, June 22, 2007

Thirsty Third Thursday - Texas Corral

M's Thirsty Third Thursday (MTTT) was held at the new Texas Corral. This is the third Texas-styled steakhouse to come to Kalamazoo in two years. Just so happens, my niece, Jackie, is a hostess at at the Logan's Roadhouse. Could be that the peanut companies are behind all these steakhouses. Texas Corral, like the others, encourages patrons to eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor. According to management, the restaurant went through 500 pounds of peanuts the first week it opened May.

Peanuts or not, the MTTT gang, made up of the "regulars" - Cheryl, Bob, Lindsey, John, Gary, Girts, Irene, Ken, Liz, and me - were happy we were able to squeeze into one booth with a couple tables extended from the end. The place was buzzing and everyone was happy drinking the huge 1 liter beers they have on tap.

Me, Liz & Ken

Most of us ordered sandwiches. I had the mushroom-swiss burger, which was okay. The waitress, however, messed up my order and I ended up with fries instead of a baked sweet potato. But this was probably just as well because Cheryl had the sweet potato with her burger and it was the largest thing we had ever seen. She took nearly all of it home. Liz had the quesadillas and she didn't finish all of them. John said the ribs were very good. Plus he also got the Texas Tea, which is basically a Long Island Iced Tea. It was served in a glass boot, which they allow you take home. Lindsey said her chicken sandwich was very meaty and she would recommend it.

Check out my photos by clicking here: Texas Corral

Next MTTT is July 19 at Wild Bull Saloon.

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