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Friday, June 1, 2007

CSI: Empty Eyes

Well this wasn't the best episode of CSI, but it still had its high points. I know it's a lot to ask to have every episode tie together and not stand alone, but I was really hoping for some more stuff on The Miniature Killer.

What we did get was a look at Sara how this job is affecting her. I've always known that she was the most emotional member of the Vegas team, but it really came through on this case. I suppose holding the hand of someone who's about to die will do that to you. However, as I said, despite the mediocrity of the episode as a whole, there were a few really good high points.

First up was Hodges. I've always loved what his character adds to the show, but we got something from him here that's never really been explored before. Despite his sarcastic, know-it-all attitude, the guy is human. While processing evidence from the showgirl murders, one of the victims cell phones rang. Hodges got saddled with the responsibility of telling a mother that her daughter was dead. It led to an interesting exchange between him and Sara where he asked her if she ever felt guilty after doing the right thing. It was just very cool to see this other side of his character.

Next was some closure on the Demtrius James case that Greg was involved with. While I'm glad we got an answer to where this stands, it sort of bugged me that the issue was forgotten and now we just found out that the civil suit was dropped in favor of a payout. It seemed like a lazy way to conclude the issue, especially since it just makes Greg feel guilty (when he isn't). It'll be interesting to see if he pursues this more on his own time. I think he will because earlier in the season, the whole case just seemed too important to him.

The final point I wanted to mention was the guest-starring role from Walton Goggins from The Shield. He was really good as the killer though. Creepy as hell, but really good. When he admitted to doing it, but feeling nothing? That was the line that got me right there.

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