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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CSI: Ending Happy

I've gotta be honest. I loved this episode, but it was frustrating. Give me more Miniature Killer! As enjoyable as these one shot episodes can be, I'm sick of being teased. Especially when those "Go To MiniatureKiller.com" lower-screen graphics keep popping up every ten seconds. At least we got some verification that Grissom and Sara are still going strong.

So the episode focused on a washed up boxer that had been living at a brothel on the outskirts of Vegas and guess what? He's dead. The question pressing Doc Robbins? What killed him?

The boxer was found floating in a pool and after the autopsy, Al (who was hilarious in the episode) was left with several possibilities:

He was bludgeoned with a crow bar.
He had an allergic reaction to some seafood.
He was shot with an arrow in the neck.
He was injected with snake venom.

The best part? There's no way to prove that any of that killed him since he was found drowned in a pool. So I have to give the writers credit for crafting a very well-laid out story. The flashbacks were very cool too. Black and white, with exaggerated sound effects and makeup like an old horror flick.

Beyond that, I'm not sure what else there is to say. It was great to see Peter Stomare (from Prision Break). He always plays good characters. Oh and hey, is it just me or is Warrick getting less and less screen time in recent episodes? I suppose none of that really matters though. These one shot episodes are meant to be just that - one and done and enjoyable. This one succeeded in doing just that, but I'm still looking forward to the conclusion of the Miniature Killer story.

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