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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lost: Left Behind

This episode of "Lost" was a bit of a snooze fest, if you ask me. I tried to be patient, assuming there would be some answers — to anything — by the end of it, but no cigar. Plus, the flashbacks were of Kate, and she is so not my favorite character. Still, there was a nice little sentimental theme of betraying the people you love (Kate's mother betrayed her, Sawyer betrayed Cassidy, Kate betrayed Jack), and the great con man Sawyer got a taste of his own medicine — by Hurley, no less!

Okay, seriously, the girl-on-girl wet t-shirt smackdown was a bit much, especially Kate's WWF-style "Are you done yet?!" Later, the two ladies fall in a giant mud puddle! So. Very. Gratuitous. Then again, last week's episode featured a nice shirtless Sawyer scene, so at least they're making these extraneous scenes a little more equal opportunity. And I have to say that that first flip that Juliet pulled on Kate was pretty cool.

There was a lot more of the good person vs. bad person stuff, which this season has been focusing on a lot:
—Locke says he told the Others that Kate was a "good person."
—Kate says she killed her stepfather because he was "a bad guy."
—Cassidy says that her man (Sawyer) was "a bad guy," and then says to Kate "One of us deserves something good."

In the tongue-in-cheek moment of the night, Kate says to Juliet, "Welcome to the wonderful world of not knowing what the hell is going on." Ha ha... exactly, Kate. Exactly.

Hurley tricks Sawyer into thinking that he's going to be banished by the Losties, a move that seems to be a reference to being "voted off" the island, a la "Survivor." When he learns the truth, Sawyer gives my favorite line of the night: "You tricked me into being decent?! That's gotta be the lamest con in the history of cons!"

Of course now that Sawyer is apparently their leader, it sets up all sorts of alpha male conflicts for when Jack returns.

The scene when the monster is apparently approaching Kate and Juliet was, I think, supposed to be suspenseful but was instead really boring. I just want to know why Smokey flashes light at the them.

It says "Cowboy Up" on Kate's hat, which made me laugh thinking of when Sawyer punched a crying Carl on the arm in and told him to "cowboy up!" I mean, who says "cowboy up"?

A few thoughts:

Where are the Others going? Back to the Hydra station? Another secret location?

Sawyer was reading Watership Down again. Has he run out of books, or is he reading several books at once?
"You sir, Hugo, are rotund." Priceless.

Kate has a system for her aliases: saints' names. She's used Anne, Monica, Margaret, Joan, and Lucy.

Stick a fork in Nikki and Paulo. They didn't dig their way out of their graves, and Vincent didn't save them.

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