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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lost: D.O.C.

Being such a big Sun & Jin fan, this episode was a huge treat. And it wasn't just any Sun episode, but one in which she kicked some butt in her flashbacks.

Several other crazy things happened.

Okay, last things first here: the Power Ranger lady from the sky "Naomi" says they found the remains of Oceanic flight 815 and nobody survived. So, either she's lying, or the finding of the remains was staged, or there are alternate universe/time bending things going on here.

Let me get this straight: On this island, pregnant ladies die and men have the sperm of superheroes?

Mikhail (Eyepatch Guy) is alive! He's alive!

At first I thought maybe it was Jin's superhuman sperm count making him so violent toward Mikhail, but then I remembered that he used to do that sort of thing for, you know, his job. Dirty Dancing popped in my mind when Sun went to ask her dad for money but couldn't tell him what it was for. Maybe I've just seen that movie too many times.

Speaking of the lady of the hour, I really admire Sun. She tracks down her father-in-law, and then actually honors his wish to keep the "shame" from Jin. Then she's totally hard nose in the way she gets her dad to give her the money (though I guess that's how Jin came to be doing the dirty work for her father). Finally, she gives the money to Jin's mother, but not before telling her what's-what.

From which "other women" does Juliet intend to take "samples"? Still not sure what to make of Juliet - can she trusted or is she a snake??

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