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Friday, June 29, 2007

Concert Review: Asleep at the Wheel

When I think of Texas I might think of the longhorn bull or a spicy bowl of chili. But one export from the Lone Start State that sure got my body moving last night was the boogie-roots-Texas swing music of Asleep at the Wheel.

With 36 years on the road and nine Grammy awards on the shelf, one of the greatest known ambassadors of the Texas swing, Asleep at the Wheel, made a tour stop in Kalamazoo last night at Bell's Brewery in the Beer Garden.

There is something about Texas swing that raises my spirits and makes me want to take a spin on the dance floor. Why? It's upbeat, it's happy, it's complex, and it's joyful. You take a little bit of jazz and blues and swing and meld it with country, folk and traditional roots music. That's what western swing is.

It was beautiful cool evening at Bell's and the crowd 400+ (mostly folks in the their 50's) enjoyed every minute it. No one wanted the evening to end. It was fun night and if you ever have the opportunity to see this legendary band, don't miss out!

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