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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today

Well, they promised me death, and… well, I got a death. Kind of… I guess. In any case, this was definitely a sweeps-worthy episode. Told in a quasi-Rashomon multiple perspective style, it was definitely different. I’m not sure the story telling technique was used as effectively as it could have been, but it was good for the most part.

Can I really qualify the destruction of the Cromartie terminator as a death, or at the very least a death worthy of all the hype? I feel like it’s stretching it a bit. I was hoping that perky little Riley would be getting a couple bullets to the head, but alas it was not to be. If Cromartie does end up prolonging his dirt nap, it will be interesting to see what direction the show goes in. Will he be replaced by another model from the future? Will Catherine Weaver take a larger and more active role as the uber-villain? Will the Connors get a little breathing room? Time will tell, I suppose.

My guess is that I will get some further exploration into Jesse’s story. If I recall, she’s Derek’s ex-girlfriend from the future who showed up a couple weeks ago. I’ve already seen that she is carrying some intel on the Connors. What I don’t know is what her hidden agenda is. With a gaping hole in the villain category, I’m guessing that she’s up to no good.

I also think that I will begin to see more Catherine Weaver. She was looking for Cromartie, right? Is Ellison going to come clean with her and tell her about Cromartie’s destruction, perhaps leading her to his Mexican grave? I wonder if she’s really interested in Cromartie at all, or was it all just a front to get to Ellison? There is still a lot I don’t know about the mysterious T-1001 and her motives.

This was definitely a suspenseful and action-packed episode. Well, the second half of the episode anyway. The first half was a little heavy on Riley, but I will forgive it. I think I’ve bashed her enough for one review. Between Sarah’s escapades in the trunk of Cromartie’s car, the panicked fleeing in the Mexican village, and the shootout at the chapel, there were a bunch of great scenes. Personally, I loved Sarah’s complete and utter freakout/breakdown as she beat the hell out of Cromartie’s chip. Ah… Catharsis!

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