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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Eleventh Hour: Frozen

I was thinking how despite coming up with a potentially exciting and wide open concept, the show had so far failed to deliver even a single episode that really felt strong, and could leave me hopeful that in the future this show could turn into something pretty good. Which is why I was rather happy while watching this episode, as finally I got one !

One pretty good episode that, while certainly not perfect, felt quite stronger and better than the ones before it. I think that this was the best episode so far, and a sign that there might be hope for the show to really find its tone and get better week after week, which could result in something rather interesting.

I won’t say this episode was perfect or that nothing was wrong with it, but I would say that I feel what bugged me the most was coming from the local cop. She knew she was interrogating an ex-cop, someone who knew how they work, and yet she still tried to “force” him, or trick him, by lying in a way that was not only enormously obvious, but also had no chance to work.

Also, I wasn’t too fond of the fact that not one but both women were interested in Hood. It’s never really happened before, and out of nowhere not only a young student but also the local detective showed interest in him, which just felt a but too much.

Other than that I thought this was a pretty good episode. I was glad that I didn’t get to see Rachel ask some silly question only to have Hood make a little demonstration for the sake of it. There was that time he was teaching students who ended up helping him, when he took over the lab, but it felt like an integral part of the investigation more than just a little show for the audience.

Hood wasn’t just demonstrating something he could have had explained in a couple of sentences otherwise, he was trying to find out what killed the victims, and the whole experiment with the hamburger was actually serving a real purpose : to see whether or not they had found the murder weapon.

While investigating a serial killer is nothing really something I've never seen, and cryogenic isn’t a new topic to the genre either, the show did a pretty nice job at merging the two and conducting an investigation that kept introducing new suspects, more or less related to the cryogenic company, Forever Forward. And it worked, because despite his remarks about cheating death, and the fact that there were not really any other suspect that really fit the profile (as someone form Forever Forward would have no real reason to use such a murder weapon linking to the company so directly) and, looking back, there were many hints toward the guy, I still didn’t really had it figured out very soon.

I also liked that the episode didn’t lack humor, including what I thought was actually funny. For instance I liked the preservation of heads only, not so much because in the future people will be able to clone a brand new one, but really because it’s cheaper. Plus, seeing those heads like that, with a Futurama look to them, looked pretty funny to me.

I wouldn’t say this show is a great one, but it finally seem to be getting better, so maybe there’s hope…

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