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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Family Guy: The Man With Two Brians

Let me start off by saying that I went out to dinner with my friend, and we polished off a bottle of wine, so when I watched Family Guy I was a teensy bit intoxicated- which may have made the episode funnier than it actually was. But, in general, even if I had been sober, I think it was a pretty awesome episode.

It begins with Peter and his friends watching an episode of Jackass which inspires them to be jackasses also, despite the big warning with the skull and crutches that prefaces every Jackass episode. Peter and the gang do a few humorous stunts: Peter rolls off the roof of his house in a shopping cart (and tweaks his neck horribly- it was gross), Quagmire puts honey all over his private parts and let’s a bunch of bees feast off the honey (when nothing crazy happens Peter pushes Quagmire into the other boxes of bees), and finally, Peter is pulled along by a car while on Roller Blades and then launches himself off a ramp into a lake. Injured in this pursuit, Brian swims out to save him, but becomes too tired, so Joe swims out, ties Peter and Brian up in his legs, and rushes them back to shore.

Hilarious as this first five minutes was it was merely setting up the plot of the rest of the episode. Peter realizes that Brian is getting older and cannot do all the things he may have been able to previously- so Peter gets a new dog and names it “New Brian”. New Brian is preppy and proper and going out of his way to make the Griffins feel at home. New Brian goes into Meg’s room to listen to her problems (Meg, apparently, saw girls on Discovery Channel who also have nipples that cover their entire breasts and so she felt better about herself—God, poor Meg!!). New Brian also gives Meg a stick of deodorant! Have I said it yet? POOR MEG!!

Among New Brian’s comforts are Peter and Lois waking up to the sounds of New Brian playing the flute, New Brian plays a guitar song for Peter, gives Brian a stick and a bag of Marijuana. Stewie catches wind of the fact that New Brian is trying to edge out old Brian, so Brian ultimately decides to leave, and gets no real resistance from the Griffin clan. Brian’s first stop is living with Cleveland (where Cleveland puts Brian on a leash, though, as we all know Brian is potty trained).

Next stop- Quagmire. This leads to a pretty funny scene where Quagmire explains a girl is coming over who is hot- but has a weird leg thing- and Brian needs to ignore it so he doesn’t scare off the girl. The doorbell rings and it’s Stewie who begins talking to Brian. Quagmire’s date shows up, Stewie makes a colorful comment about how ghastly the leg is, and she runs of crying. Then you hear Quagmire from the background scream “Damnit, Brian!” This was probably my second favorite scene when all was said and done.

Brian still isn’t convinced he wants to come back yet and soon there is a scene with New Brian in the kitchen baking something. Stewie comes in and says he knows what New Brian is up to, and that the chair doesn’t like having its leg humped. New Brian explains that he’s surprised the chair doesn’t like it, because Rupert certainly did the other night. As I know, Rupert is Stewie’s prized companion (toy). Stewie is clearly angry and stares New Brian down for a good six or seven seconds. Then it cuts to a scene outside, and I see Stewie dragging a heavy bag to the trash bin with a huge puddle of blood following! This was definitely the LAUGH OUT LOUD- SPIT YOUR DRINK OUT funny scene of the entire episode!! Brian, of course, moves back in after New Brian’s “suicide” (quotes because Stewie wrote a fake suicide note which was also very enjoyable to hear Peter read).

Intoxication aside, I laughed out loud a lot during this episode. It’s definitely a keeper. Family Guy continues its strong season where many other network shows seem to be losing viewership. Giggity!

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