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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Life On Mars: Tuesday's Dead

Ever since I posted about Windy being an hallucination, she’s been strangely absent. That seems to follow the formula that they’ll bring her back perhaps once more, then again in the season finale for the big reveal that she’s not real. I’m going with that.

The what’s-happening-to-Sam theme of the week here was a mixture of coma, with a smidge of insanity. Things seem to lean so heavily toward Sam being in a coma that it seems to have red herring written all over it.

As far as the past vs. future references go, they are clever but they may need to ease off just a tad. The opening typewriter scene I liked, the dance moves, though, were maybe a little too much. But I have to admit, if I was in Sam’s shoes, I’d definitely be pulling off a moonwalk or break dance at some point.

I never really thought before about how much Sam would know regarding law enforcement and hostage negotiation techniques beyond what his ’70s counterparts know. Sam’s got 30 some-odd years on everyone in law enforcement advancement, so something’s gotta come into play in a major way at some point.
As for Sam’s predicament (I guess that’s what I’ll continue to call it), I’m wondering why he doesn’t try passing a note to the future with someone to his fiance. I’d like to see an episode where he at least contemplates that, though I can’t say how it would even work. But I did think Sam was going to do that in this episode in order to give them a “sign” he was hearing what they said.

Bilateral Cingulotomy. Is this maybe something that’s affecting Sam? I ask because, when he looked into Johnny’s eyes, the music set a tone that said “this is significant.” However, that could just have meant to look for his smile toward the end of the episode.

Speaking of crazy people, what was with Mr. Noodle playing a looney-bin doctor? God that was disturbing.

Songs in this episode:
The Propositions - “Sweet Lucy”
Grand Funk Railroad - “We’re an American Band”
Cat Stevens - “Tuesday’s Dead”

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