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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Allison from Palmdale

This story focused more on the individual members of the Connor team, particularly Cameron. I think the flash forwards make for very good, interesting episodes.

At first, I was a little taken aback by Cameron's display of emotions. Since when can Terminators shed tears? I suppose it sort of makes sense given that she's an infiltration unit, but it seems kind of a stretch.

How did Catherine Weaver have a daughter? Is she another robot? I suspect we'll see more of her character in the future.

I admit I was a little fuzzy about the reason Ellison accepted the job with Zeira Corp. I know he's unaware that Weaver is a T-1001, but the company is suspicious at best.

I just knew Cameron would end up killing Allison. I also liked how they inferred that Allison and John were, shall we say, more than friends in the future. It would make sense for the Terminators to try and copy her. Summer Glau puts on an excellent performance as both roles and as she progresses from human back to machine.

The ending was very ominous. Did Cameron learn how to lie? Has the shock reverted her back to her original programming and she's going to infiltrate and destroy the resistance? I would guess not, otherwise she would have snapped John's neck in the car. Unless her motives are more subtle, like Catherine Weaver.

Overall, a very good episode with good character development.

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