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Friday, November 28, 2008

MTTT - Bennucci's & Charlie Fosters

M's Thirsty Third Thurday for October was held at Bennucci's, which is a Chicago-style Italian restaurant. I have been there a couple times and have always had a good meal. Their ravioli is to die for and on Wednesday's they have a spaghetti special for $3.00 which is the best deal in town.

We had a good crowd at Bennucci's. A couple people had the ravioli and really liked it. John and I shared a deep-dish pizza, which was very good. Cheryl had one of their pasta specials.

Unfortunately, they gave us a new waitress but she did do a good job. And it certainly wasn't her fault that their computer died when she was attempting to cash us out.

A few weeks ago, the MTTT crew stopped at Charlie Foster's. I understand that Charlie Fosters Bar & Grill's use of peppedews, a new, trendy South African pepper, shows the three-month-old restaurant is ready to be a creative culinary player in Kalamazoo.

Never mind that most people have never heard of peppedews. Although the former fine-dining restaurant has been transformed into a sports bar, one can still find eclectic fare there.

The barbecue sauce sounded so good that I ordered The Charlie Foster ($7.95), smothered pulled pork with the barbecue sauce and coleslaw in the sandwich. The sauce was sweet and tangy and effectively pulled all the sandwich elements together. Cheryl had a chicken panini and said it was delicious. Both Kenn and Shannon opted for salads and they were not disappointed.

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