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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Bones: The He In The She

I liked this episode, but I am getting tired of the show setting up a crime, and then pulling out a surprise wild card of a murderer at the end. I’ve said before, I don’t mind being surprised, but, I feel like lately, it’s been like ‘hey, here’s an episode…and, oh yeah, we need a murderer…hmmm…who could it be? How about that guy”. But I did like this episode. Bones takes risks, and I thought they handled the idea of transgenderism pretty realistically and tastefully.

The Case…
An upper half of body is found in the water, with breast implants, but when the lower half of the body is found later, it is the body of a male, or, the body of a woman who was once a man. This is tricky for the lab, but they get it worked out.

The Squints…

New Guy: ‘Mr.’ Vincent Nigel-Murray. Brennan, from the get go, tells him he is not invited in the field, and he responds with randomness. This guy was funny but not memorable to me. And you know it can’t be good if even the script has you quitting, right? I did love the part where Angela and Hodgins kind of tag teamed him about Angela being WAY too much car for old Vinny.

Hodgins: Good, smart, funny. Basically, Hodgins. Hopefully he doesn’t have to talk about Zack every week. That’s all over, right?

Angela was great. And she used her art, and her sweet, picture checking out, asking Booth questions technique that I also love.

Cam was fine. I liked her actions with Vino. I also don’t mind when she is out in the field. I don’t like that she has to babysit these interns every week, but I guess she has to have someone to talk to.

Sweets! I loved his bet with Booth, and that he won. I would have liked to have seen a scene where he got his money from Brennan, the bank. That would be funny. I feel like I’ve seen them act out sitting silently through a session too many times, though.

Booth and Brennan…
The whole ‘aiming’ bit at the beginning made me laugh, but they didn’t really run with it. I liked how Brennan was in the lab a lot, and Booth was in the interrogation room. That is the good stuff, I think. I also like how the case is a foil for their own religious discussions. Interesting…either way, I LOVED the way he was holding his poker chip at the church meeting. And I liked, and understood what Brennan meant about swimming with a buddy. That made sense to me.

Favorite Line of the Night…

Hodgins: “The remains show traces of freshwater and pelagic sediment common to Chesapeake Bay.” Kidding. Probably something more like this….

Ryan: “Do you believe in redemption?”

Booth: “Yes, I do”

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