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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Family Guy: Love Blackually

Some TV series have traditionally strong season openers and some have traditionally weak season openers. I would have to say that Family Guy consistently falls into the former category mostly because I can’t remember a single season opener I’ve watched of Family Guy where I didn’t almost pee my pants or spit my drink out all over the cocktail table (or both). Season seven continues this tradition with a solid episode with lots of laughs I’ve come to love from the Griffin family!

The episode revolves around Brian’s new love interest- Carolyn- a girl he meets at a book store who seems to share a number of his interests (it’s rare, as you recall, for Brian to find a girl he actually likes). In fact, Brian and Carolyn have to decide who gets to buy the last copy of “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. Ultimately, Carolyn buys it and agrees to mail to Brian when she is done, which leads to a hilarious scene with Peter and Brian, where Peter is using Brian’s package as weight for one of his hats.

After Brian and Carolyn have what appears to be a good first date Brian tries to invite himself upstairs for some nookie when he hears, who else, Stewie calling him from the car. Stewie convinces Brian that sex has tainted his relationships before and that he should proceed slowly with his new girl, Carolyn.

Things appear to be going well for my friend Brian until - after three weeks of no foreplay – Carolyn is forced to seek love elsewhere- from one of Peter’s friends. Now if you’re thinking Quagmire, surprise, you’d be wrong- it’s actually Cleveland (but don’t worry, Quagmire fans, the ole’ G-man has his turn later in the episode, too- giggity). In the end, Brian and Cleveland are both left heart aching over Carolyn.

This episode had a surprising minimum of “cut scenes” but a few in particular provide the kind of tasteless humor I have come to love from Family Guy! The best cut scene would have to be “Horton hears domestic abuse but does nothing” scene. Despite the few cut scenes the episode is strong in its singular plot and provides multiple classic Stewie and Brian interactions, one of which involves Stewie dressed up in an owl costume sitting outside Carolyn’s home.

I don’t often find myself disappointed with Family Guy episodes, and “Love Blacktually” was no different.

To quote Cleveland- “And BOOM goes the dynamite”!

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