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Friday, November 7, 2008

Prison Break: Blow Out

Michael and the team had to make a difficult decision when one of their own got jailed, T-Bag tried to fend off a snoop and Gretchen revealed a secret.

Thankfully, this was one of the season's best episodes, I think. It had more of that Ocean's Eleven feel, especially in that opening sequence at the race track where every move was synchronized and choreographed. It almost made one overlook Michael's silly Gilligan hat. Thank goodness he seems to be growing his hair out now, and can stop worrying about "hiding the bald."

And how cute was Sarah's "Don't get used to this" comment when Michael eyeballed her slinky Southern belle get-up? That moment alone was sexier than any heart-to-heart or hug they have shared since reuniting.

Alas, the one "unplanned" move, Mahone slugging the cop, forced the team to make a hard decision. (Yes, I've gone over Alex's rash action again and again — could he not simply have stuck to his angry bettor shtick? — but will chalk it up to Angry Dad.)

The debate over Alex's fate raised some good questions — and even gave Sucre a line or two! Had Michael opted to move on without him, I don't think anyone could fault him. The important thing here is to take the Company down. So I was glad to see the "lights out" ploy actually be used to whisk Mahone out of the courthouse, though I now wonder if they'll still use the tactic on the next cardholder.

Before I leave the topic of Mahone, how chilling was it to see him and Wyatt (fka Cress Williams' killer) lock eyeballs through the jail bars, then later in court. Alex has promised Wyatt that they will go mano a mano one day, and that is a fight I cannot wait to see. Alex and his loss bring such emotion to this sometimes cartoony tale.

Elsewhere....T-Bag was in the midst of exploring an anteroom off his office when Andy (whom I like to think of as So Going to End Up Dead Someday Soon Andy) confronted "Cole" about some bogus sales data. Best I can figure: Gary "Whistler" Miller had fabricated this whole "Top Salesman in the Northeast" facade in order to secure access to the anteroom, which seems to house the entrance to a tunnel. Is GATE a Company front, or a business simply located in the wrong place at the wrong time? I suspect the latter, and Gary just needed a way in.

Gretchen, meanwhile, showed up at her sister's home looking very much worse for the wear. (Um, no cut to sis reeling from Gretchen's undeniable stench as she entered the house...?) Gretch showed a moment of pain when, freshly showered, she surveyed her fresh scars. But that was wiped away by a sheen of resolve and determination. As soon as she asked for the owl she gave her sister (and which sis understandably hid in a cabinet, seeing as it was quite large and ugly), I just knew it harbored some sort of contraband. Before Gretch left on her mission ("I now work for myself," she says, steely), I learn that her "niece," Emily, is actually her daughter.

Some random thoughts before I go:

Is not Cress Williams' killer the last person you'd want to be startled by in a parking garage? Props to Don for holding firm and not piddling him... Self.

New drinking game! Do a shot every time Roland is told to "Shut up!"

T-Bag counting to two on his prosthetic.

Loved Mahone's line to Wyatt: "I'm going to show you just how personal things can get." Bring. It. On!

And at last they meet, spiked heel to temple, Gretchen and T-Bag. Not exactly a "meet cute," but I'll take it!

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