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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Name Is Earl: The Camdenites

In the entire run of this series, I have never been more sympathetic to any of Earl's situations than the one he is in now. What is a man to do when he has a new wife and everything she does drives him nuts? I see now why Billie and Frank got along so well.

The sad part is that it seems like Earl is destined to be shackled to women who are just plain evil. Karma takes him to Billie, he can't seem to get away from Joy and any time he meets a woman who seems half way sane, his list gets in the way. I can only hope this is all part of karma's master plan.

As a brief aside, I want to say how much I love the kids who play young Earl and Randy. They are perfectly cast as they look just like the trouble-making kids I grew up with. I don't know what they tell those boys to give them the look of malicious boredom, but it works.

I can't wait to see how many people were offended by Earl's hopping adventure. A few weeks ago, all the wheelchair-bound characters seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way. I guess the writers either like to make folks feel uncomfortable or just don't care if they piss people off. In truth, it's probably a little bit if both.

It makes perfect sense that karma has a special set of rules for past wrongs done unto the opposite sex. We all know the guy who is a great person and treats everybody with respect and kindness except his wife. It's these guys for whom the addendum to the big book of karma was written.

How great is it that the strict religious population of Camden County are just as stupid as the rest of it? The consistency is one of the things about Earl that I admire most. You'd think with all the recurring characters and flashbacks some continuity errors would be inevitable. I, however, have yet to see even one.

I don't know what was more brilliant: having Billie become the evil version of Earl or the CSI:Miami reference “the creamsicle-looking guy’s name is Horatio.”

I had a feeling that Billie was going to become a permanent resident of the Camdenite community. I'm sure I wasn't the only who saw it as the perfect way for Alyssa Milano to exit the series and for everything else get back to normal. While the season has certainly had its ups and downs, the soundtrack for this season's finale was awesome.

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