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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lost: Something Nice Back Home

So, I watched this episode of Lost and turned off the TV and. . . immediately forgot what happened in the episode. Why? Because nothing really happened in the episode! I was so excited when Hurley brought out the note and read it to Jack because at least that was somewhat intriguing. Most of the other stuff was Jack stressing out and the Jack-Kate-Sawyer and Jack-Kate-Juliet love triangles which, in my opinion, is getting tiresome. Anyone else slightly bored by this episode? I do have one interesting theory however.

Here's my one theory for this episode, though I might be reaching a bit because I'm craving anything juicier than just some soap opera storylines and cryptic messages from dead Charlie: When Jack is looking at X-rays, I wondered if they were his own, and if Juliet did something to him during the operation. Yeah, I know, I know, unlikely. But I feel like we're trained at this point to look for conspiracies where there are none.

Again with an Alice in Wonderland reference (Jack is reading it to Aaron). Alice in Wonderland pops up in various ways in the show, and at least two of the Jack-centric episodes have been titled after the book ("White Rabbit," "Through the Looking Glass"). In this episode, the words he reads to Aaron seem significant: "Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."

Jack always seems to have this smug, cocky, inflated sense of grandiosity. As he's reeling from pain on the island, he says "I've gotten us this far," (just you, Jack? Really?) and he later tells Kate that he "saved" her (which, admittedly, might be what happens in a future episode, but still).

I do like how Jack's beard has become an indicator of time and his emotional state in this season.

Sawyer has become so tender toward Claire lately. It's so sweet. I love that he tells Miles, "You got a restraining order. Twenty feet."

Yay for Rose and Bernard. I'm always happy to see them. I do wonder about what Rose points out: that the island is supposed to heal people, not make them sicker. But maybe that's some kind of indication that some people should stay on the island while others should leave?

Why is Sad Hurley so much sadder than anyone else being sad?

Finally! Hurley reads the message from Charlie. "You're not supposed to raise him, Jack. Charlie said someone's going to be visiting you, to. Soon."

That was really sweet of that pilot, Frank Lapidus to protect Claire, Sawyer, Miles and Aaron like that. As one of the few tense moments in the episode, I thought it was great.

All that moment of Jack proposing to Kate did for me was make me want to watch more of The Office. It's a beautiful diamond, though.

I knew something was up with that Charlotte, listening in on Sun and Jin's conversations. She's a shady one.

Anybody else kinda miss Ben in this episode?

So. . .Christian Shephard is everywhere.

I respect that Juliet admits the kiss to Kate. It's a noble thing for her to do, really. Makes me like her again.

It's so strange to see Kate and Jack chatting normally on couches in a house.

Sawyer chose to stay?

So instead of dying, Claire might simply disappear with Christian Shephard?

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