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Monday, June 23, 2008

Lost: There's No Place Like Home Part 1

Alright, folks, I'm getting down to the wire on this season of Lost. Technically, this episode was "Part 1" of a three-part finale. I'm getting so close to getting tons of answers I can taste it. Parts 2 and 3 will come in a two-hour special.

One of my favorite parts of the last few episodes has been the merry trio of travelers I've gotten in Locke, Ben and Hurley. I'm going to miss their rapport and bantering when the season's over.

This episode seriously tugged on the ol' heartstrings a few times, first with the reunion amongst the Oceanic Six and their families (I personally lost it when Hurley brought Sayid over to his parents because there was nobody to meet Sayid; also, seeing Kate stand alone with Aaron made me sad). Then later when Claire's mother walks over to Kate and gazes at Aaron (knife enters gut) and tells her "Your son is beautiful," not knowing she's looking at her own grandson (knife twists).

I want to know what Daniel Faraday knows about the Orchid station. He says they used "secondary protocol" and then freaks out and tells Charlotte they must leave the island.

Ahhh, Sawyer with the baby, hot guy with a baby, hot guy with a baby! My ovaries kicked into overdrive a little there.

I get annoyed with the exchanges Jack and Kate have sometimes, especially when she thinks he's doing something foolish and he doesn't care. It never really makes a difference what Kate says to him, and it's getting old.

"That sonofabitch is stubborn. Hold up! You don't get to die alone." God I love Sawyer.

The island gets a name! Membata, whichis Indonesian for 'doubt' or 'uncertainty'.

I was curious about how they'd explain away Kate's non-pregnancy before the flight. Guess they'll just dodge that one for now.

Sayid and Nadia are so beautiful together. I don't know yet why Nadia gets killed by one of Widmore's men in the future? Nor do I have any theories?

Ben calls moving the island "both dangerous and unpredictable. It's a measure of last resort." So, "moving the island" is. . .really going to happen?

OK, Sun's dad is one shady dude. I think he might be involved in some way with either Widmore or Oceanic or both. The brief conversation I saw between Sun's dad and the other two men, discussing what sounds like some kind of heist or fraud ("Whoever did it used five different banks") seems significant. I don't think they would include this scene if it weren't somehow meaningful.

Also, GO SUN! "This morning I bought a controlling interest in your company. So you will now respect me." Love. Her. So. Much.

Also again: "Two people are responsible for [Jin's] death. You are one of them." Who do you think the other one is?

Hugo's parents' jokes about island life and that island party theme are so hilariously misplaced.

I saw the numbers again! 4815162342 on the dashboard of the car Hurley's dad (good ol' Cheech) gives him.

So now Jack knows that Claire is his half-sister. I want to go back and watch flashbacks to Jack in the Sidney airport to see if I can spot what he wrote on the cocktail napkin for his father's eulogy. I don't recall ever seeing details of what he wrote. I just can't remember this.

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