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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

DVD Review: Herbie Fully Loaded

Far From Good is the rating I give to "Herbie--Fully Loaded." This is a combination of the same gags and plot as the original Love Bug, except Herbie is discovered at a junk yard instead of a used car dealer.

The busiest member of the crew must have been the product placement coordinator, as the movie acts as a long commercial for various products. Pro Bass Shops, Tropicana Orange Juice, NASCAR, Nextel, ESPN and a multitude of other purveyors of goods and services seem to have as much camera time as the actors themselves. And don't forget Volkswagen. Gee, isn't it funny that Maggie's friend is driving a VW SUV after graduation, and Michael Keaton walks up and does a quick technical specifications overview? Or that Micheal Keaton's sponsor drives a New Beetle?

As was said before, the plot followed the same line as the original, the only difference being that Dean Jones' character was transformed into Lindsay Lohan's, and the love interest was a male instead of a woman. I also must confess that I thought the original Love Bug was a real gas, especially Buddy Hacket dressing up as a hippie.

Speaking of Dean Jones, it would have been funnier if he was cast as Crazy Dave, or as Lindsay's grandfather (for continuity with the original).

The real question is how many times can Disney rehash the same plot with Herbie's antics? Of course, there has to be a sequel in which Herbie becomes infatuated with a GTI convertible, dumps the Yellow New Beetle, and goes off into the sunset.

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