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Monday, October 22, 2007

Rescue Me: Keefe

Where's Mark David Chapman when you need him?" - Tommy

One down and one to go. This season has gone by fast, huh? The horrible thing about it is that other than Jerry's suicide, I don't feel like all that much has happened. The stuff that has developed sort of just sputters along, offering no real resolution. Some of it is funny, but often that's not enough to salvage it. Here's to hoping that the finale puts a good spin on what has officially become my least favorite season of Rescue Me.

It's not that I don't like the show anymore. I still love it but I think it needs a fresh direction. That and it needs to be wrapped up in two more seasons at the most. Any longer and it definitely has the potential to become pretty stale. Look at this episode though. Natalie coming back to ask Franco for a favor. A new feud between Black Sean and Mike. Garrity putting on the beer goggles and hopping in bed with some ugly chick. Lou is sleeping with Latrina. I could go on but my point is this: do I really care? That's the problem. I don't. I just want to see what stupid crap Tommy is going to pull next.

More than any other season, this one really has been about Tommy and his road to recovery/search for meaning. The negative result of that focus on him is that the other characters have suffered greatly and received no real in-depth stories. There's nothing of substance going on with any of them. Gone are the "Lou gets duped by Candy the prostitute" and "Franco attempts to raise his daughter" stories. The show has lost a lot of what made it good in the first place.

Rather than giving the supporting cast something with episodic longevity, it seems like they've each got something different going on each week. As I've already said, it makes it hard to care when it changes so frequently. I can't attach yourself to anything.
What did I like? Well I suppose that's the irony. Plenty. Tommy putting on Jimmy's old jacket? Brilliant. It's almost as if he wants everyone to feel how he feels, constantly questioning if they're crazy or not. I was actually surprised that Jimmy didn't appear to Tommy during one of those fires. I was definitely expecting the "What the hell do you have my jacket on for?" scene.

I love how Feinberg and Tommy are officially at odds. I think it's hilarious that Needles had to be the voice of reason and point out to Feinberg that Tommy feels up girls. It's what he does. You sent him on the date so why be angry? Valid points, but I still like that it puts Tommy and management on opposite sides of the ring. Coincidentally, it seems like Sydney doesn't care for Needles much either. He made that remark about Needles and how he wouldn't be wearing white if the towers hadn't fell. I understand the as a result of all the deaths, promotions were probably handed out with some leniency, but does this mean Needles is inexperienced and undeserving of his rank? If so, I'd love to see that explored next season.

Also enjoyable? The fact that some definition was finally given to what Mike is going through. Figures that we get it now. Black Sean put his finger on it. Mike hates Tommy but he still wants to be just like him. He's depressed. He drinks on the job now. He's going to get himself killed is what will happen.

So with all that in mind, some questions as we wait for next week's finale:
  • Who's Tommy going to end up with? Beth? No way. Valerie? Possibly. Sheila? Possibly. My vote goes with Janet. He's always held a torch for her and she might be in better spirits now that Sheila has Wyatt/Elvis for good.
  • Is Colleen going to pull the crazy ex-girlfriend move and try to go after Tony and his new fiancĂ©? She is a Gavin after all...
  • It didn't happen this episode, but is Jimmy going to show himself to Tommy again? Mick said all of it was a sign from God and Tommy has been trying to understand that stuff. Then again... he could just be crazy. "Section 8" as the guy from the day shift called it.
  • Are Maggie and Sean going to make up? Although, that falls under one of my "I'm not sure I care" story lines.

The biggest question? The one that tests the whole season? Will Tommy drink? I could be wrong, but I believe this is the first season where he hasn't had a drop. He came close when he was up on the roof with Mike, but then I found out the vodka bottle was filled with water. I guess I'll find out soon if this season was worth it or not.

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