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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Eurkea: Sight Unseen

The fresh takes on classic Science Fiction plots has to be one of my favorite things about Eureka. Invisibility is an absolute classic. Solving the invisible man problem is a bit glossed over, but everything else was baked to simmering SciFi perfection.

With the exception of the quickly glossed over solution to invisibility, the show was a shining example of everything that Eureka is great at. Characters were stepping out of their bounds left and right, secrets were finally exposed and Zoe even got kissed.I felt for Zoe when her car was smashed by the invisible man. For any teenager, that first accident is always a trial. I was surprised that she told her dad as soon as she did. Personally, I'd have waited until after school at the very least. I know I did when I had mine.

Henry's sub-plot got some major development time. I found out just what the device was, and now that Stark's involved, things will probably get even more interesting. I'm not quite sure just why Stark and Henry are so concerned about Jack getting involved. Perhaps they both have more to hide?

It was refreshing to see Carter finally have a new love interest. I honestly thought she'd end up being guilty for a bit. I'd say that both Jack and Zoe were due for some fresh relationships. This was one of the best shows of the season, and I hope things keep on getting better.

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