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Monday, October 8, 2007

Damages: A Regular Earl Anthony

This was a bit of a split for me. While this was an enjoyable episode, it got a little bogged down with all the Tom scenes. I got the idea pretty early on that he was uneasy about leaving Patty, but it was continually pounded into my head over and over whether it be through conversation with his buddy (Donal Logue was an odd choice, no?) or through straight hallucinations of Patty with him in the men's room. It just got redundant and took away from the episode as a whole.

I knew from the very beginning that Tom would end up back with Patty. So why even try to pretend otherwise? It was the same deal with Patty's son and the grenades. I think the one thing to take away from it is how Tom's mind works. The Patty in his head says he's number one. The Patty in real life says he's number two. It's sad really, how she just whittles away at his self-esteem. All he wants is recognition and despite the fact that she gave him the title of partner, how's anyone going to know if his name isn't plastered next to hers on the front door? I hope before the season is out, that we see Tom (just once) really show Patty up.

OK, enough about Tom, because if you saw the episode there should only be one question on your mind. What the heck did Katie tell David about Ellen? Her "sordid sex life?" Whatever it was, it couldn't have been bad, because David didn't come home angry. But there is definitely a connection between Ellen and Gregory Molina. At least Patty says there is.

Moving on, let's talk about Frobisher. His actions confused me a little here. Why would he pull the settlement? He's guilty! I know it and no matter how many times he says otherwise, he knows it too. I don't think he's stupid... so why choose a trial? He wants his name back but he has to realize that he'll lose. Unless, and I've said this before, we're being fooled. What if he somehow is innocent? He can still be a bad guy, but what if he is in the clear here? I loved the scene when Tom told Ray that he wants to see him explain to a jury that Frobisher isn't a crook. Ray didn't really twitch though. That'd be a twist if it played out.

I'm on the edge of my seat for all this, but here's my one gripe. Does it feel a little forced to anyone else? As if the plot that's developing now didn't exist in the minds of the writers a few episodes ago? Like they're flying blind? That's my one fear for this series. It's so good and the plot is so intertwined, that I hope the writers aren't digging a huge hole and forgetting to bring a ladder so they can climb out.

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