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Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Closer: Culture Shock

You know what I like about this show? I like that, when each episode opens, the crime has already happened. With CSI and Law & Order, the crime usually happens at the opening of the episode. But I get absolutely no context from The Closer, but I enjoy that.Okay, so this wasn't my favorite episode this season. In fact, I'd say it was my least favorite. It didn't suck--not by any means--but I just didn't find it all that intriguing. I think the case just was too simple. Even though Brenda and the detectives interviewed a handful of people, it didn't really seem to take any twists or turns. And, the presence of Brenda's parents derailed the case for me (as it did for her).

There were a few scenes that I really enjoyed, though. For instance, the scene at the dinner table where Brenda's father starts to make a toast that is so offensive to her. He's essentially trying to encourage Fritz to stay with the engagement even though his daughter is more like a used car because of her Early Onset Menopause. He basically said that sometimes you just have to settle--and he meant settle for his damaged daughter! How insulting!

Of course, the best scene came at the very end in the doctor's office where we learn that Brenda is not suffering from Early Onset Menopause, just some polyps on her uterus. How can she reverse it? Oh... stop eating sweets. I loved how her reaction to that news was more horrified than when she learned about the possible menopause or when she learned she didn't have cancer. So, I'll be back to watching Brenda try to avoid sweets. And now the pressure is on for her and Fritz to hurry up and marry so they can have a baby. But... I'm not so sure that she wants kids.

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